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They got the good and the bad but you have to triumph for the good. My experiences that I have overcome have mainly been bad. Then again who has not gone thru bad experiences, all I know is that I have to move forward. Sometimes changes can have a good effect on people lives, depending on the person and how they take the information that is give in to them. I can honestly say that my uncle and what happen to him has impacted my life in a big way. Then there’s the DWI that occurred a while back. There’s so many points but from losing my uncle to being here in ITT- Tech. I made it so far and yet I have a long way to go. My uncle was there for me back when I was in middle school. I always had my dad but he was always working. So I would hang out with my uncle which was like an older brother to me. He taught me everything I know on how to survive in the streets, so he called it. I looked up to him so much that I wanted to be bad just like him. So eventually I started doing drugs at the age of twelve. I’m ashamed of what I did but that’s life, you learn from your mistakes. That’s when my spiral of bad luck started to happen. I kept doing what I wanted to do. I felt like I owned the world and no one can tell me otherwise. Living life like if every day was my last. I learned a lot from my uncle. From fighting to doing drugs but luckily I made to high school. Eventually you get caught on the bad things you do in life. My first day in the twelve grade, I get a text from my mom that my uncle (Carlos) has been sentence forty-five years with a slim chance of parole. I heard that and I felt like my whole world has been turned upside down. Since then I realize that the life I was living wasn’t the right life to live. So I decided to live right. I did everything I had to do to graduate high school. Not long at all I was done, and I had a diploma to…...

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