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CA Bank | To: | | From: | | CC: | | Date: | 6/30/2015 | Re: | Request for Funding to Complete a Business Writing Course | Comments: | In banking, there are many times where employees are expected to write professional emails, letters or memos; whether to customers or bank employees. There are instances where the employee may not understand or know exactly what to write to convey the message professionally. With managing the teller line, the lead tellers often have to respond to other departments and many times they may ask for help in writing the message. With this little knowledge in wiring effectively, a business writing course would be an essential way to help bridge this gap. In this business writing course, there will be much information taught that will help with teaching employees and staff how to effectively write clearly. As the leader, I would be able to take this course and bring the required information back to the team. So, instead of sending multiple individuals for one class; you would only have to send one. I would be able to take this course at University of Louisiana at Lafayette on Thursday nights at 6pm; which will not interfere with day-to-day operations of the bank. Any required writings would be completed on the weekends to insure that I would not need any time off to complete school work. Also, the cost for the program is $1580.00 for 30 credit hours. I understand that this may seem expensive but you will be only sending me compared to sending six other employees. I really feel that this will be something beneficial for the bank and the employees. The bank will have employees that are very well-spoken; which will make them stand out to other districts and the employees will gain a life-long skill that will help them for years to come. Since the bank would only send one employee, you would be gaining an extreme cost difference. With this writing, this will in turn help all employees learn to speak better also. Please review my request for funding for this business writing course and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks, |

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