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How PEST factors impact upon spice jet and their stakeholders India | Stakeholders | Political:
National Security- this means that the airport system would slow down as they are going to have to do more checks to reduce immigrants. Freedom to determine fairs- The company determine their own fairs for customers to get a better deal. Up gradation of airport infrastructure- Because the planes cannot fly to certain places because the runway is not up to standards. Level playing field- Everyone’s got the same chance. Limited PEST Factors:Bureaucracy

International Routes after 5 years

No clear policy for state carriers | Customers: This would have an effect on the people that fly with SpiceJet as they don’t want to be waiting for a long period of time at an airport because they have to be going through airport security. This would then slow the business down as people may decide to take a bus to where they’re going instead because it would be shorter than waiting to go through security board the plane etc. Employees: This would also have an impact on the employees as the customers would be complaining to them about why it takes so long to just get on the plane etc. On the other hand the employees may also get more money this is because it more airports infrastructure this means SpiceJet would be flying to more cities which means more customers flying to those places so therefore they get paid more. Owners: The company would be getting a lot of complaints from their customers because of how long they would be held up in the airport security. If there was to be something wrong with the flights or delays the owners would be the one that would be getting the complaints. The company would need to make sure the planes have a level playing field, so that they are the same width and length as every other field.Suppliers: The suppliers for the company SpiceJet supply...

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