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Key Elements Of Health and Social Care Services.

There are many types of provisions that suppport health and social care services for example stautory, voluntary, private and informal.

There are many different ways of providing health and social care. Most care is provided by the goverment, this is called stautory care this is provided by the law. For example the goverment have a responsibility to provide some type of chilcare for a child in the form of schools and nurserys. There are many examples of statutory care for example the NHS, The NHS is working with the goverment so for example if a person needed an operation which is important the NHS will get funding by taxes of individuals and the goverment to fund for this operation, this is how the NHS provide health and social care.
Another way of providing health and social care services is Voluntary. Some organisations care services provide these services without being asked to, they have chosen too. For example British Red Cross and The Salvation Army, some voluntary care services count on donations from individuals and half the staff who work for them are volunteers.

Private care is funded by the individual. The goverment have nothing to do with private care. With Private care a person has to be able to pay for this, the goverment do not fund for private care. You can not get private care if you can not afford it. Many people go with private care because they want to avoid NHS waiting lists, not sure about NHS treatment and also just because they want a second opinion.
Informal care isnt with the goverment or with private care, informal care is when you are unpaid. For example you could have someone related to you who has a disability and you could be looking after them. This is an unpaid carer where you dont get paid to look after the individual. A person has chosen a responsibility to look after this individual. Informal Care is more common in familys and friends where they take it upto them sef to look after an individual.


You need to prepare an information booklet identifying barriers to access and include examples of the barriers.

There are many barriers to accesing health and social care. Such as physical, financial, geographical location, cultural and language.
Physical can be a barrier to not being able to access health servies for example the elderly or disabled people may have difficulty accesing health and social care services due to physical barriers for example steep stairs or they do not have transport.
People with physical difficulties need facilities that can help them for example wheel chair ramps, lifts and also low cost transport to the location.

Financial is also a barrier. People may have no problem using health services but they might have a problem with what comes after. For example they may not be able to pay for the prescriptions that they health services provide them with.
People with financial problems can be supported by helping individuals with a scheme that can make it affordable for them to pay.

Geographical location is a barrier. Living in a rural place where services are limitied can be problem as everyone is not getting the care they need, also transport may not be available to them.
People with geographical locations can be helped by providing them with more services that are near them so they dont struggle accessing them.

Cultrual and Language are barriers. Language can be a barrier to due to some people may not understand english. Written information that they are given is not in the persons own language making it hard for them to undertstand. Culture is a barrier as individuals may want proffesionals who are the same sex as them for example a man wanting a male doctor. Also treatment that they are given may be unacceptable to certain cultutes.
The way to overcome this is by giving proffesionals that can speak other languages to the person so they can speak in a language they both can understand very well. This helps as the person can speak to the proffesional and tell them what help they need. Also by making written information in other languages so people can read it without struggling. You can overcome culture by offering same sex proffesionals and also giving treatment that is acceptable in culture and relgion.

Explain the benefits of interagency partnerships.

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