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Unit 12 Public Services

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P1 M1 and D1

The crime and disorder legislation act is the current criminal justice legislation covering crime and sentencing, for example Anti-Social Behaviour Act (2003), crime and disorder act (1998), police reform act (2002) and Criminal Justice act (2003)
The antisocial behaviour act is designed to address the problems anti-social behaviour in England and Wales. It makes other legislations stronger and gives local councils the power to take action. The antisocial behaviour act impact is to gradually stop all the criminals, and will finally reduce young offenders. Also it will monitor what they are doing and they will eventually stop with the criminal activity.
The crime and disorder act places obligations on local authorities, the police, police authorities, health authorities and probation committees (amongst others) to co-operate in the development and implementation of a strategy for tackling crime and disorder in their area.
The Police Reform Act 2002 introduced a number of measures with regard to the supervision, administration, functions and conduct of police forces, police officers. It also contains amendments to police powers and provides for their exercise by persons who are not police officers. In addition, the Act includes changes to the law relating to antisocial behavior orders and sex offender orders. The police reform act is to introduce an annual policing plan to set out the government strategic priorities for policing over the years. This requires police to produce a three year strategy plan. It is to provide powers to ensure the consistency of good practice across England and Wales through a statutory code of practice and a power to make regulations governing police procedures. This act is to help strengthen the police authorities. This means there are powers to suspend a chief constable in the interest.
Criminal justice act is an Act...

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