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Unit 13 Recruitment and Selection

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Unit 13:
Unit code: QCF Level 3: Credit value:

Recruitment and Selection in Business
A/502/5434 BTEC National 10

Guided learning hours: 60
Aim and purpose
The aim of this unit is to introduce learners to recruitment and the importance of ensuring that the best people are selected to work in organisations. Learners will study selection and recruitment techniques and will set up, and take part in, a selection interview.

Unit introduction
Recruiting the right people is the key to the success of many organisations. These organisations ensure that the processes and procedures involved in recruitment and selection meet their needs and are legal. In this unit, learners will develop an understanding of the impact of the regulatory framework on the recruitment process. Potential applicants may decide to apply for a post based on the quality of information that they receive. Details of the post will usually be the first communication they have with the organisation. It is important that the organisation makes a good first impression on potential applicants to ensure that they attract sufficient applicants of the right calibre. Learners will develop their knowledge of the types of documentation used in an interview process. A structured and planned selection procedure is crucial to the success of the selection process. The impression a business makes may determine an applicant’s decision to accept an offer of appointment. Staff conducting the interview will also be forming their impressions of the applicant. It is important that interviewers are well organised and prepared. They will need to be familiar with the details supplied by the short listed applicants, and use effective communication and listening skills during the interview. In this unit, learners will gain experience of the interview process through taking part in an interview. Organisations with effective...

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