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Unit 16 Human Resources Management

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Human Resources Mangement
Human Resources Mangement

Contents Introduction. 2 P1 2 Internal planning factors. 2 External planning factors. 3 P2 3 M1 5 P3, M2, D1 6 ASDAS methods of motivation 6 FINACIAL MOTIVATION 6 NON-FINACIAL MOTIVATION 6 Empowerment 6 Enrichment 7 Team work 7 Profit related pay/bonus’ 7 PROMOTION 7 IMPROVEMENTS TO MOTIVATION 8 STAFF FORUMS 8 Fringe benefits 9 P4 9 P5, M3 12 Employee Performance 13 D2 17 Improve relationship with staff and managers. 17 Enable manager to identify a weakness that they can rectify 17 Measuring underperforming workers 18 Promotions of staff 18

Introduction. Within this unit, I will be describing the internal and external factors to consider when planning the human resource requirements of an organisation, describe how the skills that employees require to carry out jobs in an organisation are identified. I will also be outlining how an organisation motivate its employees. Then explaining how organisations obtain the cooperation of their employees, how employee performance is measured and managed, why human resource planning is important to an organisation. I will need be comparing the use of motivation theories in an organisation, and explaining how the results from measuring and managing performance inform employee development. Finally, suggesting, with justification, ways of improving motivation in an organisational setting and assess the importance of measuring and managing employee performance at work.
In this section, I will be describing the internal and external factors to consider when planning the human resource requirements of an organisation. By explaining how the various factors apply to a business and the effects they will have.

Internal planning factors.
The internal factor that needs to be...

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