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Unit 16 assignment 5 P5 Kenan Newton-Dawes
Job role: banker Brief description of the role:

List at least three competencies required to carry out this role effectively Outline how the performance of the employee in each competency area could be measured Explain what action could be taken to improve performance following measurement.
Communication skills: The ability to convey information to another effectively and efficiently. Business managers with good verbal, nonverbal and written communication skills help facilitate the sharing of information between people within a company for its commercial benefit. To be a good sales assistant, you need to have excellent communication skills as they are found to be one of the most important skills that a person needs in order to apply for that particular role. This is because customers would be approaching sales assistants to ask about different products and services that a business sell or offer, and would require the person to communicate with them effectively and help them find the right products that they are looking for.

The bank would be able to measure the performance of the employees communication skills by relying on the results from the actions taken by the bank to
Effective communication skills supports everything, whether in the workplace or elsewhere. Poor communication in a work environment can lead to misunderstandings, time being wasted or mistakes being made, all of which have the potential to be very costly to an organisation.

In any working environment, you will work with others to at least some degree, whether these people are internal or external to your organisation. The ability to get along with others, put them at ease and win their trust and confidence is vital for the success of the organisation you are representing. An employee’s communication can be measured by allowing the employees to create their own personal individual objectives that they relay to their line manager so that they can manage their progress throughout the year. The line manager would be able to measure how the manager is progressing by how they are able to relay information to the employees and customers.

Another method would be to give the employees specific target to achieve in s certain amount of time, for instance bankers would have targets such as give over 40 loan over £10,000 at the end of the year, this would improve their communication because they would need to communicate well with the customers in order to give them all the necessary information and to persuade them to take out the loans. It would also help to give out some type of reward for reaching these targets to motivate the workers try even harder, for example the staff members would try harder to reach their targets if they would receive a bonus.
Team work skills: Co-operation between those who are working on a task. Teamwork is generally understood as the willingness of a group of people to work together to achieve a common aim. For example we often use the phrase:” he or she is a good team player Team working skills are very important for employees to have within an business as, team work helps businesses to reach their set targets, for example Sainsbury’s aim to increase their sales by 5% by the end of the year, then having all the sales assistants work together as a team to provide a good service to the customers in order to reach their target. This also brings out the highest quality of service to customers as within a team tasks are completed on or before the deadline and that too effectively and efficiently. Working as a team can also help some people to gain some valuable knowledge.

Every job will require you to work with other people at some point. It is also more than likely that you will, at times, have to work with people you do not necessarily like or get along with. These people may be within or outside your organisation. Having an understanding of different team working styles, and appreciating the value that this mix brings, will help you to be more accepting and understanding of others. By recruiting people who demonstrate the qualities listed above, employers ensure that teams are more likely to be successful and effective thereby contributing to the success of the organisation. Team work can be measured by using smart objectives, smart objectives are specific, reasonable, and realistic and time bound. These objectives are set by the manager for everyone to meet, even the manager themselves will need to meet these objectives. Using smart objectives will allow the business to know if the teamwork skills of a group of employees is good or bad, as for example a group of staff had the target of producing a certain amount of products in specific time frame, then them meeting the specified amount before or during the deadline shows that they were able to work efficiently as a team and get the job done before the deadline, but if they were to miss the deadline then it would show that they were not able to coordinate the job roles well and complete the smart objective.

Another method to measure team work is by giving the employees the freedom to decide their job roles within the group and how they are going to execute the activity, this would help a business to measure their team work because if the teamwork skills of the employees were good then they would have any problems such as disagreeing on opinions and deciding who does what, and they would be able to complete the task very quickly and efficiently.

Adaptability skills: Adaptability means being flexible when things change. An adaptable person is one who is open to new ideas and concepts, to working independently or as part of a team, and to carrying out multiple tasks or projects. Someone is regarded as adaptable if they are able to manage multiple assignments and tasks, set priorities, and adapt to changing conditions and/or work assignments.

Being adaptable is a skill that many businesses want their employees to have as The ability to cope with change, or respond well to change, is extremely important in the workplace. Situations, circumstances or workplaces can change extremely quickly, and if individuals, and therefore organisations, cannot adapt to changes quickly, they are likely to be left behind.

Many business like to have employees that are adaptable as they would be able to adapt to the changing circumstance within the business and they are able to respond quickly to sudden changes in the organisation, for example the business wanted to change how they are perceived by the consumers so they start making inside the business, such as making new policies, using new marketing techniques, slogans, logos and the website layout, then someone who is adaptable would be able to adjust to those changes, which employers like as the employees are representing the business and if they are promoting this new image of the business then they may be able to change other people opinions about the business.

A Method that a business could use to improve an employee’s adaptability is have them face different situations where they would need to change in order to pass those scenario’s, for instance a bank wanted to change their image into a family orientated bank then they would also need their employees to be friendly, fair and polite to the potential customers as they are the face of the business and anything they do would affect the business, because if the employee was to not give a loan to a potential customer because of their race then the public would wonder why the bank would hire somebody like that in the first place

Another method of improving an employee’s adaptability skill is
Explain how the actions you have suggested will help improve employee performance in the future, and can be used to develop employees.

The methods that I had chosen in order to measure team work would help to improve the employees team work skills because these methods would allow the manager to see what they did wrong with the group tasks and then tell the employee what they had done wrong in order for them to reflect on it and gain experience with working in teams with other people therefore they would be able to produce better quality work as a team because they would be able to understand what they were doing wrong and improve their team working skills. Improving the team working of the employees would help a business to perform effectively and efficiently as teams divides a single tasks into different areas and then split it up between each one of them equally so that everyone is going to be doing something. The methods that I had used for communication would help to improve employee performance in the future as they would allow the manager to see if an of the employees are progressing in their communication skills by comparing there results on a yearly basis, for example even if they did or did not achieve the target they could have still improved from the year before and have given out 15 more loans that the year before which would show that their communication skills are definitely progressing through time. Improving their Communication skills would also help a business to provide the best possible service to its customers and the business would be able to retain all its customers and also target new ones and that will then increase their overall turnover for the year, which could be used to give rewards to those employees who have worked hard. The method that I had provided to help improve an employee’s adaptability would work as it would force an employee to adapt in order to solve the problem, as the more difficult situations a person faces the more likely they would be able to overcome those challenges and adapt to the situation therefore being able to learn how to overcome challenges that would usually be a problem for them before. This would benefit the business as for example when the government had made it illegal to not hire someone because of their race, religion, gender or disability, many businesses were unable to adapt to those sudden changes with the law, in which they were left behind by competitors that were able to because their reputation was tarnished because they didn’t have facilities for disabled people, for example elevators, disabled toilets and ramps.

Explain how the results from measuring and managing performance inform employee development

The results from measuring and managing performance inform employee development as for example an employee was to over perform an get better results than the targets set then the results would show that the employee has developed in the area that they were measured in, for example in a bank they have certain people for different tasks, as they would have someone who excels in giving loans, someone who excels at mortgages and someone that excels at getting people to open accounts with that bank. If the employee was to over perform in relation to the targets set, the business would likely send that employee to a training course to learn new skills that they can use to better their craft in the area they are special at, the business would also set higher targets the next time in order to motivate the employee to try and over perform again, as they would most likely receive a promotion or a full time permanent contract with increased pay as that employee would be very important to the business because they wouldn’t want them to leave and join a competitor and end up using their skills, knowledge and experience to make the business better.

If the employee was to underperform in relation to the targets the business would likely give extra training in order to raise their performance to a satisfactory level that is benefiting the business, as if the employee is not achieving the target it shows that they must be doing something wrong that is putting off the potential customers of the banks services, which would lead the potential customer to going to a competitor therefore causing the bank to lose out on potential loyal customers and income, as this may have just been a one off the business would likely allow that employee one more chance to achieve the targets but if they were to underperform again then the bank would likely demote the employee or retrain them in another role as it shows that they are not having any development in that area of work.

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