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Unit 2 Discussion Board
Thesis Statement: “War on Terror” has reduced more of our freedoms in America and has done little to catch Terrorist: we should eliminate the TSA and reevaluate all the other amendments that are being infringed upon and restore our freedom.
Annotated Bibliography
Garrett, R. L. (2014). Lone Wolves: Coming to an Airport near You?. Airport Business, 28(3), 14-16.
Ronnie Garrett describes the growing trend of the lone terrorist (the single terrorist that acts alone); he uses the LA gunman that opened fired at the LA Airport in LA last fall. This gunman didn’t go through security. He walked in the front of the airport got out his gun and opened fired. This type of terrorism is growing; this defeats the purpose of the TSA. I feel there are not enough acts of this kind to justify the expense of having the expenditure of the TSA in full blown TSA mode through every airport in the country.
(n.d). TSA 'chat-downs' not meeting goals and expectations. USA Today.
August 17, 2012 USA today did a report on a new security technique the TSA was piloting in Boston. They were testing a new system were they were reading facial expressions and signals on over 725000 passengers passing through the airports and only a small number were recommended for prosecution and none were terrorist. The program did not rule out to any other airports. This backs up my view that the TSA is not effective. I am not saying the process would not have worked, I have heard of this being successful in more war torn countries, I think the training and quality of people for this job needs to be at a higher level and the need for this would need to be here in his country. We do not need this kind of security in our Airports right now.
Raymond, M. (2012). (2012). The "War on Terror" and the War on the Fourth
Amendment: Tales from a Flawed Hypothesis. Journal Of Gender, Race...

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