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Ralph Frick NT 2580 Mr. Brandon Solomon February 9, 2015

The task is to design a remote access control policy for securing access between remote offices across several different states. When establishing this policy it will protect the company and employees against attacks from other attackers which may cost company tons of money and even the employee’s jobs. The policy will define several different security practices that would protect the employees in order to keep the network safe. These policies will be dictated through an AUP and signed by all employees with access to the company’s network. The employees will also have to go through initial information security training before gaining access to the company’s network. This training will be required annually in order to maintain their access to the network. The AUP (Acceptable User Policy) dictate the requirements for the company’s passwords for the network. The requirements include an eight character alphanumeric password, one uppercase letter, two lowercase letters, two special characters, and three numbers. This will make it more difficult for the password to be breached by hackers. The AUP will stated that the company’s systems will only be used for work related purposes. All social networking sites and many other miscellaneous sites will be blocked for employee’s personal used. The user will be monitoring when signing the AUP. Users will only be given access to files they need through the use of an ACL. This way if a password is breached the hackers will only gain...

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