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Week: | Activity or experience | What went well | What went less well | How can I improve | Goals or action plan for future practice | TARGETS IN MY ACTION PLAN that relates to this practice | Week1 | A tour around the entire school, seeing the different sections including fire exits, my classroom and staff rooms | I was assigned a classroom working with 1year olds which was on the bottom floor. They gave us the privilege to use the staff room where I would normally go for lunch. All the Fire exits and extinguishers are clearly marked. | There are only two toilets and many staff I needed to use the loo and somebody was in both toilets which was a fatal inconvenience for me and other members of staff | Come out of my comfort zone when communicating with the adults in my section | | | Week2 | Short training and Learning rules and regulations of the workplace | I was well informed of the rules I have to abide by and what I can and cannot do | Trying to remember all the rules at once | Use the guidelines booklet given me to familiarise more with the rules and regulations | | | Week3 | Meeting all other members of staff in different rooms including the manager who is hardly in | I have met all members of staff including cleaning staff and dinner ladies and clearly introduced myself | Felt quite shy at first and thought I wouldn’t clique with the staff at all because of the difference in age range | Try to become more confident with other staff and interact more with them | | | Week4 | Meeting all of the children and interacting with them fully | Got to play different games and paint with them it felt like nursery all over again, it’s like going on holiday every Monday instead of school | Trying to share my attention to all the other children as well as Some children did not want to interact. | Learn to give equal attention to all the children in my class. | | | Week5 | | | | | | | Week6 | | | | | | | Week7 | | | | | | |

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...| 36 | -15 | 225 | 1296 | 35 | -16 | 256 | 1225 | 18 | -33 | 1089 | 324 | 81 | 30 | 900 | 6561 | 82 | 31 | 961 | 6724 | 18 | -33 | 1089 | 324 | 45 | -6 | 36 | 2025 | 63 | 12 | 144 | 3969 | 27 | -24 | 576 | 729 | 765 | - | 8938 | 47953 | (column A 2 marks, m1, a1 ) OR (column B 2 marks, m1, a1) (iv) range = 90 – 18 = 72 (a1) (v) (m2, a1) QUESTION 2 (15 Marks) (a) Index (Feb) = (m1, a1) Index (March) = (a1) Index (April) = (a1) Index (May) = (a1) (b) (i) Size | 2011 | 2012 | | | | | | Price P | Quantity | Price pn | Quantity | | | | | Large | 0.60 | 500 | 0.75 | 600 | 300 | 360 | 375 | 450 | Medium | 0.55 | 700 | 0.60 | 1000 | 385 | 550 | 420 | 600 | Small | 0.40 | 300 | 0.45 | 500 | 120 | 200 | 135 | 225 | | | | Total | 805 | 1110 | 930 | 1275 | (last 4 columns, 1 mark each) (a1) (a1) (ii) Size | Weighting | Po | Pn | Index Relative | Large | 25 | 0.60 | 0.75 | 125 | Medium | 15 | 0.55 | 0.60 | 109.090909 | Small | 10 | 0.40 | 0.45 | 112.5 | Total | 50 | - | - | - | (last column, 2 marks) Weighted average of relative = = = 117.73 (m1, a1) QUESTION 3 (25 Marks) (a) FV = 1300(1+0.05x4) = 1560 (m2, a1) (b) FV = 2000(1+5.5%)8 = 2000(1.055)8 = 3069.37 (m4, a1) (c) FV = 5000 = 5000 (1.171659) (1.262477)...

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