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Unit 2 Marketing

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Physical Resources for TSB Bank

TSB Bank offers range of facilities to its customers. The new branches of TSB Bank has complimentary Wi-Fi for people to use on their own devices or they can log on to on the iPads provided in branch – if customers have questions about banking online or queries about the TSB app the Partners in the branch are on hand to help. A giant tablet has been installed on the wall which allows customers to explore what TSB has to offer. Customers can watch ‘how to’ videos, view local news and events, whilst little ones can play games. Barriers have been stripped away, so there are no glass screens allowing customers to have more natural conversations with TSB Partners. They also have toilet facilities available for their customers and some of the branches have free parking facility as well. All the branches have nice sitting area where customer can sit and wait for their turn and some of the big branches have lift facility available. TSB Bank has arrangements for their customers who are disable. At some branches, steps are unavoidable and a 'Call Assistance' bell system has been installed, so that a member of staff can be called. TSB welcomes guide dogs in all branches. Leaflets in large print, Braille or on audio tape. These can be ordered in branches to be sent directly to the customer. They also offer an interpreting service, where they can arrange an interpreter for deaf, hard of hearing and deaf blind customers.

One of the main physical resources for TSB Bank is that their buildings. TSB bank has a head office in Edinburgh. TSB Bank also has more than 600 branches across the UK. They are mainly located in high streets. TSB have call centres located in different places of UK.

Equipment and...

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