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Unit 2 P4

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Unit 2 P4
Name: Jos van der Giezen
Class: IBS 1B
Teacher: Mr. Bruining
Date: 12-11-2013

I am going to tell something about the finance at V&D. But at first, what is V&D?
V&D is a big warehouse with a lot of stuff, from clothing to food&drinks. It is known in Holland because it is very cheap. Or they are doing something wrong. V&D has a lot of investment went in Holland. Most of the emporiums are in the big city’s.

Task 6
First of all, V&D has shares. With shares they get stakeholders and shareholders. You can get money out of that. To start, you need a budget. The starting budget of V&D came from a few investors. V&D borrowed money from people that believed V&D can do good. When de company became bigger, they were able to pay their investors back and pay more and more employees. The company became bigger and bigger, now it is one of the biggest department stores in Holland. Now almost all the income comes from customers. Of course there is money from shareholders an stakeholders, the shares issue is the money V&D makes with it. V&D buys products and sells it with profit to customers, because they are so big, it is less likely that something is going wrong. But something did go wrong in June 2013 something big went wrong, over 15 Million euros lost. Because of that, they had to fire over 200 people and close one store. Probably you think ‘what is one store’ that store had 190 employees, 190 people lost their job and that’s very bad, especially in this time. With the economic crisis. But they were lucky they had a saving for the company, if they did not had that, more stores could get closed and more employees would lose their job. But because of that lost of 15 Million, very bad for their reputation.
Because of the losts, V&D needs to come up with a new plan. The online orders, you need to pick up at the...

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