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Unit 3 Citizenship, Diversity and the Public Services

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P5 Review the methods used by public services to ensure they have a diverse workforce
P6 Explain the duty of public services to provide equality of service to all citizens
M3 - Analyze the effectiveness of the methods used by the public services to promote equality and diversity in the society and within the forces.
D2 - Evaluate the effectiveness of the methods used by the public services to promote equality and diversity in the society and within the forces.

All Public services organizations are bound to follow a range of policies and procedures, to ensure that they have a diverse workforce, such as:

Equal opportunities and Anti-discrimination policies -

Grievance procedure Bullying and Harassment at work policies

Recording and monitoring of equal opportunities data complaints

Complaint procedures for service users

The Royal Air Force
In the Royal Air Force the aim of the RAF's Equality and Diversity Strategy is to achieve a diverse, operationally effective work force in an environment free from harassment, intimidation and unlawful discrimination, in which all have equal opportunity and encouragement to realize their full potential. Diversity is, essentially, linked to equality and compliance with the law. In March 2011, the RAF have received a national award for improving the inspiration for young women to join the RAF as Engineers, with the increase of female recruits has improved the representation of women in the male dominated trades. This shows how women can achieve as well as men, since the major wars has finished, women do not see themselves staying home and looking after the children anymore. they have the right to have a career and live how they wish. Also with the increase of more women working within the services gives other women who are thinking of applying into the service gives them somebody to look up to and...

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