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Unit 3 Individual Project Marketing Opportunities

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Unit 3 Individual Project: Marketing Opportunities
Amanda Morris
American Intercontinental University
Lower Division Capstone
BUSN 300
Professor Eric Freeman
March 1, 2013
Addressing the possible financial advantages that could be implemented through marketing strategies made by the marketing manager, to improve the overall success of Chili’s, East Pasco family YMCA and service Corporation International. Reviewing whether the strategy would be a home run, a single or a low hanging fruit, the financial benefit and cost associated with each marketing strategy, the risk associated with each marketing strategy and the effect that the marketing strategy would have on public relations.
Unit 3 Individual Project: Marketing Opportunities As a marketing manager it is important to be aware of marketing opportunities that will generate sales and increase revenue companies at hand. Pertaining to the three companies of choice Chili’s, East Pasco Family YMCA and Service Corporation International, modifications to the current marketing plans can be made to increase sales furthermore creating a positive impact on the public relations of the firm and generate financial improvements. Chili’s is a popular and successful restaurant; however, a few modifications to the company’s services would increase sales and promote business through new successful marketing strategies. The first marketing strategy that would be worthy of pursuing is to offer home delivery service. This would be considered a home run marketing action because high costs would be associated with this action. More employees would need to be hired to make the deliveries, more cooks and kitchen staff would need to be hired to service the in-restaurant customers as well as the telephone/email orders that would be coming in, and liability would increase because Chili’s employees would be...

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