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In this part of the assignment I am going to explain the competitive pressure on selected, contrasting business organisations to develop their use of e-business. Also I will explain how two selected, contrasting business organisations have responded to competitive pressure to develop their use of e-business. At the end I have to evaluate how successful a selected business organisation has been in preparing for the growing use of e-business.

It provides free information to anybody who wishes to seek information about drugs or anybody who would like advice.
About the Businesses
Go Compare is a comparison website which compares the prices and features of insurance providers. They cover car insurance, pet insurance, home insurance and even breakdown cover.
This business is B2C, although it does not charge for its services it is a free information provider. It uses its online presence to make people aware of the dangers of drugs.
This business operates on a B2B and B2C basis. This is because they provide their services to individuals and also to business that are looking to buy fleet insurance.
This business only has an online presence and solely relays on it for the success of the business.
This business operates on a B2B and B2C scale. However it mainly is B2C as this is how they sell their products. For B2B this is mainly between ASOS and their suppliers when they need to place an order for more stock.
As products cannot be seen/tried on ASOS put up catwalk videos of their clothing on models so that customers can see how the product will look and fit.
Procurement is businesses obtaining things that they need to succeed in their activities such as stock.
ASOS needs to procure items such as clothing from manufacturers and brands to carry on doing business. If this was not the case and they did not obtain the correct products…...

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