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In this task I am going to describe the internal and external factors to consider when planning HRM requirements for Tesco PLC. Tesco PLC is one of the largest food retailers in UK. It has changed a lot over the last 8-10 years. Thanks to HR guidance it has improved all his sections and departments. To maintain this growth Tesco has to offer new services and products by using new selling strategies. To improve Tesco performance the HR changed the internal and external factors.
Internal factors

Organisational needs and skills requirements: organisational needs are constantly changing that is why Tesco’s HR has to training the employees as far as they can keep their position. The organisation must watch the marketing in order to open new stores in other countries or in other regions. In this way the business will need to expand its organisation needs(which are also called workforce) and these new people must be trained and also must be able to speak other languages(if the store will open in different countries). However, nowadays the technology that Tesco had include in its supermarkets, has affected the organisational needs because by using the equipment customers do not need more than two people to help them. Workforce profiles: As any business Tesco has got workforce profiles which include information such as: gender, age, ability and ethnicity. In fact, if Tesco had people who retire at the same time, Tesco would be able to cover them by introducing new employees. In order to have the equality at work, Tesco also have ethnicity as a paragraph within the workforce profiles. By using this method Tesco may assemble the same ethnicity together to obtain better performances.
External Factors

Supply of labour: To cover all the new markets demand Tesco’s HR has to cover all the gaps by training the new employees and by making them flexible within the...

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