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Homework- Unit 4: Comparing Copper to Fiber-Optic Cables
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Pg. 248
1. What are the recognized copper cables in ANSI/TIA-568-C? Which cable is necessary to support 100 meters for 10G Base-T?
Answer: category 3, 5e 6, and 6a are recognized category 6a is required to support 100 meters.
2. What are the three primary classes of best practices for copper installation?
Answer: a) follow the ANSI?TIA-568-C standard
b) make sure the cables do not exceed the distance limits for the rated application
c) use good installation techniques for pulling and placing cables
3. What are the cable testers that you can use to perform testing?
Answer: At a minimum are tone generators and amplifier probes, continuity testers, wire-map testers and cable-certification tester

Master It
Pg. 271

A. What are the common wavelengths of operation for multimode fiber?
Answer: 850 and 1300 NM
B. What are the common operating wavelengths of single-mode fiber?
Answer: 1300, 1490, 155NM

A. What are the key advantages of fiber-based systems?
Answer: The typical advantage is immunity to electromagnetic interface, higher data rates, longer maximum distance and better security
B. Based on these advantages, in which applications would you use fiber instead of UTP copper?
Answer: Fiber should be used instead of copper when the application requires an application speed to deliver a signal over a distance quarter than 100 meters and when better security and resistance to EMI are critical operating factors…...