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To: Company Management (Dr. A. Davis)
From: (BUSN 300)
Date: February 3rd, 2013
Subject: Application of Theories

Company Researched: Apple Inc.

Theory: The issue being addressed that gave rise to employing these theories
The article that was published in CBS news claims that Apple has distinct culture. Apple Inc. is rapidly moving towards employee empowerment. Steve Jobs taught his company to think differently than everyone else. Apple Inc encourages their employees to stand out. Unlike other companies, Apple knows that having few high quality products and marketing them effectively, is better than having many low quality products. Apple is taking the approach of industrial design, hardware design, and high quality operating systems (Tobak, 2011). Because of Apples beliefs, the company asks each of its employees to make a difference personally within the company. Innovation is the key to creating a successful company. Employees with Apple Inc must innovate in technology as well as marketing. Apple Inc understands that by empowering the employees to think outside the box, it creates a stronger foundation for the company to grow on.
Because Apple Inc has empowered their employees to make such a difference, Apple has been able to successfully come up with new innovative products on a consistent basis. Some of the products include but are not limited to the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and many more. Apple has also been very successful in their marketing strategies, unlike many of their competitors. Today Apple is one of the world’s leaders in Electronics, Operating systems, and Design. As senior manager of company, I would like to adopt the same strategy. Empowering the employees sets a standard of nothing but the best from all levels. It creates a positive atmosphere and allows the employees to think freely. This helps any…...

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