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1. Introduction………………………………………………………………..…………………………..p2 2. Different types of business communication………………………………..…….…….p3 3. Research……………………………………………………………………………………….…………p13 4. Evaluation of external communication………………………...…………………………p39 5. Issues involving Business communication………………..……………………………..p44 6. Electronic Communication………………………………………………………………………p49

Attachments * Filled in Questionnaires * Sales Letter * Terms & Conditions – Scotch & Soda * Leaflet * Promotion Poster


Welcome to my unit, In this unit I’m going to discuss Business Communication, there’s a lot of different kind of communication.
The company I’ve used in this unit is Scotch & Soda,

Scotch & Soda is a Dutch brand created since 1985. The company does not believe in target groups, but just does his best to keep it simple. They want to create products that look good, good quality and also contemporary and affordable. The clothing must do according to the word Scotch & Soda.

Scotch & Soda currently consists of 3 lines; Scotch & Soda for men, for women Maison Scotch and Scotch Shrunk for young boys. From January 2011 there will also be a line for young girls launched called Scotch R'Belle. The Dutch brand now distributes to 31 countries worldwide.
Scotch & Soda is a unique concept and that radiates the store too. It is a true experience, the recognizable scent, which is too smell of feet away, is characteristic of Scotch & Soda. The Persian rugs trigger of the store, are characteristic. The various departments of the store (men, women and children) are all designed differently, but they do form a whole together.
I’ve chosen this company because I like their clothes and I think it’s the best Dutch fashion brand of all time.

There are many ways to communicate, therefor I made a clean table to discuss the differences ways to communicate. But every way to communicate has his own advantages and disadvantages those will be discussed as well. For this assignment I used ‘Scotch & Soda’ as business to give you examples to show you how these ways for communication are used.

Scotch & Soda loves to make great clothes that suit every individual. They want people to love their clothes and enjoy wearing them. Scotch & Soda products are rich in detail, high quality and affordable. It’s a brand from Amsterdam (The Netherlands.)

1. Oral communication
Oral communication is communication through mouth. It includes individuals conversing with each other, be it direct conversation or telephonic conversation. Speeches, presentations, discussions are all forms of oral communication.

Advantages: * Oral communication is not only time saving, but it also can save money and efforts. * Oral communication can be best used to transfer private and confidential information. * The feedback is directly given in case of oral communication, therefore decisions can be made quickly without any delay.
* Relying only on oral communication may not be sufficient as business communication is formal and very organized * Oral communications are not always easy to understand, which can cause problems * Noise can distract oral communication, which also can cause problems.

Scotch & Soda
Scotch & Soda has his own way for oral communication. They are using advisers in the store these advisers give their costumers advice about their products. Advantages | Disadvantages | costumers can be helped directly | Customers are feeling stalked | You can hear people their preferences | You need to hire specialists | it can be effecting people their buying behavior | Customers don’t always want to be helped |

When you want to work for Scotch & Soda, you need to be interviewed, this is also an example for oral communication. Advantages | Disadvantages | You can actually the person who’s applying | You need to make time for this conversation | you can discuss things what can safe effort | There can be miscommunication between you two | you can ask right ahead when you’re forgetting something | You need effective speaking skills |

As every other company, Scotch & Soda have meetings, and meetings are all oral. Advantages | Disadvantages | You can talk to a team instead of talking to one person | You can be interrupted quickly | You can repeat yourself if you need too. | You need to keep your emotions | decisions can be made quickly without any delay | You need to have speaking skills |

2. Written communication
Written communication has great significance in today’s business world. Effective writing involves careful choice of words. Also, writing is more valid and reliable than speech. But while speech is spontaneous, writing causes delay and takes time as feedback is not immediate.
*note: this includes all kind of written communication, things as e-mail aren’t really written by hand so these aren’t counting.

Advantages: * It can be used as evidence * Written communication is more explicit * Effective written communication develops an image * It is a permanent means of communication * Responsibilities on the grounds of speech as it can be taken back by the speaker or he may refuse to agree, and this can’t happen when it’s all on paper.

Disadvantages: * Too much paper work is involved and that costs money * Effective written communication requires great skills and competencies in language and vocabulary use. Poor writing skills and quality have a negative impact on the reputation. * Writing is impersonal, which can be a disadvantage * You need to wait for response.

Scotch & Soda
Every company uses written communication, this might be not related to the costumers and the staff but more between the employees.

Whenever they start with working at Scotch & Soda there is a note that tells you what to do that day. This is a way to communicate through writing. Advantages | Disadvantages | It’s easy because you know what to do | You can lose the note | It can be an easy tool to do the planning | They are close to the letter and might ignore the other work | You can change things when needed | Bad handwriting can make it hard for them to do their job |

When you go the Scotch & Soda and you want to buy something, they ask you if you want to sign up for their newsletter, thee information needs to be filled in with pen, this is also a way of communication. (I’m getting back on this part later) Advantages | Disadvantages | You can get in touch with your costumers | You have to deal with other people their privacy | you’re improving your skills | People might think it’s overrated and that will lead to mixed feelings | | You have to make sure you use the information good. |

When you’re approved to work at Scotch & Soda you need to sign contract which tells you what you can and can’t do. Advantages | Disadvantages | It’s binding between you and your employer | You can’t change it easy | everything is on black and white | You need to keep you on your contract | you can always check if you need some information | It’s impersonal, but |

3. Electronic communication Electronic communications improve efficiency and productivity, but poorly written emails can cause internal strife and loss of clients. Effective electronic communication will enhance internal communications as well as external communications. This is a unique way of communication because it’s more online. You can say that it’s a time saver, some will say that this way of communication is taking too much time. Good examples of electronic communications are, the ones we use the most: e-mail, telephone (calling, texting) and Fax. The newer ones are: Facebook, Twitter, Skype ect. More social media. But what has this to do with business? Advantages: * Reaches a large audience * Diversified to fit many different audiences * Carries many options which can allow the viewer a choice * Efficient and can quickly spread information Disadvantages: * Some people can can’t effort electronic * People can be old fashion and does not use electronic * Malfunction * Privacy plays a big role in this kind of communication As you can see there are many ways to use this kind of communication, this is my favorite because you can pick bigger target groups and it’s easy to do.

Scotch & Soda
Scotch & Soda isn’t a really famous brand, but still they are using ways to communicate through electronic.
They have often a coupon code on twitter, which allow you to shop the new collection earlier than it comes out and it sometimes gives you discount (not that much though) Advantages | Disadvantages | You allow people to come shop in a special way | Twitter can have a malfunction which shuts down your promotion | you can get a big group to come because it can hit many retweets | People might fake the code | This is a great way to promote the new collection | Not everyone knows when you’re doing a pre-sale | Scotch & Soda is also using the newsletter online, you can sign up in the store or on their website. This way you can let your customers know important stuff. Advantages | Disadvantages | Since it’s via e-mail, it’s written by more people | Not everyone reads their email | it’s giving the costumer access | e-mail can be impersonal because it’s a standard mail | This is a great way to promote the new collection | Not everyone knows when you’re doing a pre-sale |
And off course their website is also a way to communicate, the website might be their best way off communication because you can buy clothes online and I believe when you’re a victim of communication on the internet you’re buying it faster on the internet than somewhere else. Advantages | Disadvantages | Internet is the new reality | People might think that it’s dangerous to buy online | Webshops are getting more populair since the socitiy is getting lazier | When the internet shuts down, it’s over | YOu can improve your sales records by improving promotion only on the website | |

4. Multimedia communication
This is simple way communication through multimedia, this is an every popular but expensive way to communicate to your costumers examples; T.V., Radio, Magazines, Billboards.
This way of communication is actually more used by bigger companies, probably because it’s expensive. But I think that this might be the best way to communicate, the multimedia is getting bigger every day and we all use them, so I think invest in these way of communication is a good thing.
There are a couple of advantages and disadvantages to using multimedia in communication. I’m only going to a list a few important ones below.
* It can be used for a wide variety of audiences, ranging from one person to a whole group. * Visual / Interactive * It is very user-friendly. It doesn’t take much energy out of the user, in the sense that you can sit and watch the presentation, you can read the text and hear the audio. * It is flexible. Being digital, this media can easily be changed to fit different situations and audiences.

Disadvantages: * Information overload. Because it is so easy to use, it can contain too much information at once. * It’s expensive * It takes time to compile. Even though it is flexible, it takes time to put the original draft together. (Which costs money as well) * It can be misleading you (with for instance, colors) * You get really fast annoyed by watching them over again

Overall, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and television is a very effective tool in spreading information and entertainment to a large and diversified audience.

Scotch & Soda
Scotch and soda are using a lot of this kind of communication, but it’s not really notable.
Scotch & Soda are often in magazines like Vogue and more Dutch magazines like Jackie, RED etc. But this is a different way of communicating. They are trying communicate to a selected group. Advantages | Disadvantages | You can focus on for instance; mens clothes | You’re combined with other brands which can cost you costumers | people can watch it as long as they want | Magazines aren’t that cheap anymore | You can repeat your design multiple time | They’re can be a problem what can change your design |
Scotch & Soda are also using posters for communication for instance, in the Bijenkorf (Dutch department store) they have posters and even sell the clothes there. The reason for this that they fit in the image that the Bijenkorf got. Advantages | Disadvantages | YOu can make short quotes what can be easy to remember | People don’t always see them | you can put posters down everywhere you want | It’s expensive | it’s a easy way to promote | You can brainwash people with the same posters everywhere |

5. Signs and Body language
Did you know that body language accounts for over 90% of a conversation?! Body language can be used to help condct an interview, give a presentation or just a speech.
Body language is the reason why selling face-to-face has a huge advantage over selling by phone.
Usually when we communicate with or see people, we only respond to what is being said, heard or seen. There is so much more involved and most of us do not pick up on it that it’s our body language and it can express so many words.
Our body language will give others an impression. Our body language is an important aspect of running a successful business as we cannot always say what we really feel. This means we have to act positive in negative.
When someone talks to you, do they look directly at you or look away? Maintaining eye contact when talking (or listening) to someone gives an impression that you are confident and honest. Making little eye contact can say that the other person doesn’t like you, is nervous or shy.

Sign Communication
When you walk into a store, you see signs everywhere. You just know what they mean. For instance, when you’re driving, you know what all the traffic signs says? Well that’s also the same communication that I’m talking about.
* Easy to understand * Short but strong
* People might ignore them

Scotch & Soda
Scotch & Soda are using these as well.
In the store you find things as the no food allowed inside signs, the house rules and you’ll see the ‘size’ board with sizes. Why are they using them?
When you as costumer walk into a store, you have to be beware of these signs.
When you in the store and watching at the body signs of the employers it will make clear that they always smile and give you an open and free sign.
These signs mean that you ask what you want, whenever you want. But you’ll see that there’s a couple of costumers that don’t want to get helped at all and will be walking in the store with their faces down. This is a closed sign.

Assignment 2/Task2/ P2 & P3

While everyone is eating pizza, have we ever wondered how much calories we’re eating from one single slice of pizza? Do we if the pizza we’re eating is healthy?

In the world of the pizza market it’s not clear which pizza is healthy enough. I did a research of what people think about a healthy and biological pizza.

In the Netherlands there’s a need for this kind of research. As you can see below, there’s an increase in obesity in the Netherlands.

As you can see with every year it is increasing a bit. That’s mostly because of the junk food people are eating like hamburgers, pizza, fries etc. but how can we decrease the obesity?

If you can see in this table, you’ll see that the pizza sales are increasing with years, people are buying more pizzas. This is because they don’t have time to cook so they buy a pizza for a quick dinner.

But now we know that the Dutch population likes to buy frozen pizzas, but what tastes do they like in general?

As you can see, the pizza Margherita is the best bought pizza in the Netherlands.

Below here I’ll have put the annual report of the Domino Pizza’s from 2011

When It comes to good foof the government made a disc of five which tell you what you shouleat everyday to be healthy, also it it gives you guidelines, I’ll explain them now
Healthy Eating Advice
1. The Government recommends that all healthy individuals should consume a diet that contains:
• Plenty of starchy foods such as rice, bread, pasta and potatoes (choosing wholegrain varieties when possible)
• Plenty of fruit and vegetables; at least 5 portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables a day • Moderate amounts of protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs and alternatives such as nuts and pulses
• Moderate amounts of milk and dairy, choosing reduced fat versions or eating smaller amounts of full fat versions or eating them less often
• Less saturated fat, salt and sugar

Current recommendations for fat, carbohydrates (including sugars) and fibre for the population are:

Recommended maximum daily salt intakes for infants, children & adults

Recommendations for protein, vitamins and minerals by age. Where different intakes for males and females are recommended, the higher value is identified in the table below to ensure that the greatest needs of the group is met:

- The development of nutritional guidance for institutions represents a repackaging of Government advice to assist caterers and consumers to meet the dietary reference values identified by COMA and SACN. Guidelines will be developed that give advice for those who provide all of the food for those in their care as well as for individual eating occasions.
- Nutrient intake across the day is conventionally divided across four eating occasions, namely breakfast, lunch, evening meal and food consumed between meals (snacks). Given that a wider range of foods tend to be consumed in lunch and evening meals compared to breakfast, these conventionally are assigned a greater proportion of intake.
- The Agency’s guidance for institutions will assume that, breakfast will contribute 20% of daily intake, with lunch and evening meals contributing 30% each. Foods consumed between meals (snacks) will contribute 20% of intakes.
- Agency advice will be provided as intake appropriate for the named section of the population which meet average needs. We will call this value the average population requirement.
- Given the NDNS data indicating the need to lower fat, especially saturated fat, salt and NMES intake and for some populations groups increased intakes of some vitamins and minerals it would be appropriate to consider whether different sections of the population have specific dietary insufficiencies/excesses that could be addressed through food provision in these settings.
- Consideration, therefore, will be given to assisting those with specific potential dietary insufficiencies to improve their diet through increasing the contribution of these nutrients in the food provided. Nutrients that are recognised to be below recommended intakes could be provided in increased amounts relative to the energy content of meals, to protect individuals at risk of insufficiency. For the purposes of Agency advice to institutions, insufficiencies will be identified where more than 5% of a stated population group have intakes below the Lower Reference Nutrient Intake (LRNI). LRNI is the amount of nutrient that is enough for a small number of people who have the lowest requirements. Most people will need more than this value.
- Additionally, nutrients, such as salt, where intake is greater than recommended amounts could be provided in lower amounts relative to the energy content of meals to prevent excess consumption. It is acknowledged that initially caterers might find it difficult to meet recommendations for salt intake. However, reformulation by manufacturers and retailers over time will make this easier. Caterers and those responsible for buying food are encouraged to discuss their lower salt requirements with their suppliers, requesting that lower salt options are supplied wherever possible.
- To help caterers assist their customers in addressing these excesses and insufficiencies, Agency advice will therefore also provide target recommendations where these are appropriate. For fat, salt and NMES, where excesses are apparent, the Agency suggests these target recommendations should be equivalent to 98% of the average population requirement covering all meals and snacks. For vitamins and minerals where insufficiencies are apparent the Agency suggests these target recommendations should be such that 100% of the average population requirement is provided from breakfast, lunch and evening meals.
- Examples menus will also be provided that show the sorts and amounts of foods and drinks that could be served to meet the nutrient guidance and food-based advice. Wherever possible, these will provide menus using foods and dishes close to the current provision options available in these institutions and includes an appropriate level of choice. These example menus will also include at least 5 portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables a day and provide 2 portions of fish a week, including one portion of oily fish in line with government healthy eating advice.
- In some institutions standards for the provision of food may be written into contracts. The Food Standards Agency recommends that those responsible for the contracts for food provision in institutions set and monitor standards in this area in order to assist those consuming food provided by them in meeting Government recommendations.
- Many caterers employ registered nutritionists or dieticians who are able to assess menus against Government recommendations. The Food Standards Agency recommends that assessment against the guidance in this document will ensure that nutrient intake of those, without specific medical dietary need, consuming food provided by institutions will be met. In undertaking any such assessment it is important that the analysis uses appropriate software with up to date information (as a minimum the most recent edition of McCance & Widdowson) and takes accounts of cooking losses and waste. We also recommend that those responsible for commissioning food provision in institutions request such information and check this with actual provision to ensure the needs of clients are met.
- Nutrient and foods based guidance that enables the dietary targets identified above to be met, will differ according to the specific section of the population provided for by an institution and among those providing food for individual eating occasions or the whole day.
- Guidance is already available or underway in relation to the provision, for example, for looked after children and in schools/nurseries. The Agency is not looking to provide additional advice for these settings. We note, however, that guidance for children in other settings will be consistent, where appropriate, with the guidance already in place.

Guidelines source: Food Standards Agency, McCance and Widdowson’s. The Composition of Foods, Sixth summary edition. Cambridge: Royal Society Chemistry. Choosing Health making healthy choices easier, Department of Health, (2004).
Facts & Figures on consuming in the Netherlands

Further information/useful links:
• Agentschap NL:
• AKK:
• EIPRO-study (ESTO & IPTS): ment/ipp/pdf/eipro_report.pdf • Experience box: • Green Knowledge Cooperative: • LEI Wageningen UR: • Milieu Centraal: • Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality: (eg. Policy Document on Sustainable Food)
• Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment: (e.g. National Waste Management Policy)
• Netherlands Nutrition Centre:
• Wageningen University and Research Centre: www.wur. nl/UK

For the second part of my research I did a questionnaire and asked people what they like on their pizza and what their opinion is on the use of healthy and biological products in pizzas. Below you’ll find the results of the questionnaires. 1. How many times per month do you buy/order a pizza?
When you see the graphics underneath, you’ll see that people aren’t really eating pizza that much, most people buy or order 1 pizza per month.

How many times per month do you buy/order a pizza? | People | 1 PER MONTH | 13 | 2-5 TIMES | 6 | 6-8 TIMES | 1 | 9 OR MORE | 0 |

2. How much do you spent on a pizza?
As you can see, people are spending around €7,50 on pizza’s which means that they are strong willed to buy a pizza. How much do you spent on a pizza? | People | €0 - €4,99 | 6 | €5 - €9,99 | 13 | €10,00 - €13,99 | 1 | €14,00 OR MORE | 0 |

3. What topping would you most prefer on your pizza?
Toppings on pizzas are really interesting because when you take look at the circle underneath the table, you’ll see that the most common topping would be cheese along with chicken. Tuna | 4 | Salmon | 2 | Mackerel | 3 | Coconut | 0 | Shrimps | 2 | Chicken | 11 | Beef | 3 | Bacon | 7 | Onion | 7 | Peas | 1 | Cheese | 14 | Pineapple | 6 | Mango | 1 | Pepper | 3 | Mushroom | 5 | Tomato | 1 | Salami | 4 | Paprika | 3 | Corn | 1 | Spinoza | 0 | 4. At what time do you usually eat your pizza?
At first I thought that would the moest

At what time do you usually eat your pizza? | People | Breakfast | 1 | Lunch | 3 | Dinner | 14 | Snack | 2 |

5. Do you prefer a thick crusted pizza or a thing crusted one?
It’s pretty obvious that everyone likes a thin crusted pizza. 25% of the people likes a thick crusted one and 75% likes a thin crusted one. Do you prefer a thick crusted pizza or a thing crusted one? | People | Thin | 15 | Thick | 5 |

6. Where do you buy your pizzas?
Pizzas are most likely bought in the supermarket. That is going to be a big advantage for FarmHouse Fare because the supermarkets are taking the charts over, they have above the 50% of people. Where do you buy your pizzas? | People | Restaurant | 2 | Supermarket | 13 | Deliver Companies | 6 | I’m making my own | 3 |

7. What is your favorite deep frozen pizza?

As u saw in the charts above, you saw that the supermarket (deep frozen) pizzas are the most sold pizzas but what kind of deep frozen pizzas is the best? When you take a look in the charts underneath you’ll see that the Big American pizza is the best deep frozen pizza along with the Restaurante, both are from Dr. Oetker, the strange thing here is that the Big American pizzas has a thick crust, but as you saw earlier the thin crusted one is best. So there could be an opportunity for FarmHouse Fare to take this under the loop. This is also telling us that Dr. Oetker is a big threat for FarmHouse Fare.

What is your favorite deep frozen pizza? | People | Restaurante (Dr. Oekter) | 5 | Big American (Dr. Oetker) | 9 | AH Excellent | 1 | Piccolonis (Wagner) | 3 | Own Brand | 1 | McCain | 0 |

8. When do you think a pizza is excellent?
If you read the questionnaires you’ll see that people most likely eat pizza when they don’t have time to cook. What do they think a pizza is excellent is when they’re already made. You can obviously make clear that people are getting lazier.
The other thing people want to see in an excellent pizza is that the crust has to be crunchy.

9. What is your opinion about the use of biological products for pizzas?
When you see the results, you’ll see that around 13 people think it’s needed and they come with things like it’s better for the environment. Around 5 people think that it’s not really needed to use them, and 2 people don’t have an opinion at all.

10. Would you consider to buy a biological pizza if you could?
Although people like to see biological pizzas, it tells you here that won’t consider to buy a biological pizza, it’s probably the price. The price for a biological pizza would be more than a normal pizza. Since people spend less on pizzas, it’s pretty obvious that they won’t consider it. Would you consider to buy a biological pizza if you could? | People | Yes | 4 | No | 16 |

11. Do you think that the use of biological products actually makes the pizza healthy?

------------------------------------------------- ‘Yes, biological products often contain less chemicals and or E numbers on top of that they’re usually non processed which means it has no negative effect on our metabolism’
‘Yes, biological products often contain less chemicals and or E numbers on top of that they’re usually non processed which means it has no negative effect on our metabolism’
The results of this question was really interesting, although the pizza is biological, they think it’s still not healthier, it’s because of the cheese and other say they it surely is healthier. I’ll write some answers down

‘Yes because, it’s made out of pure and natural product without the use of any toxic products’

‘Yes because, it’s made out of pure and natural product without the use of any toxic products’

‘No, but it helps the environment.’
‘No, but it helps the environment.’

Proposal new FarmHouse Fare pizza. As you can see in the research I did you’ll see that a high amount of people would spend around €9,99 on a pizza. I would make a Barbeque Chicken Pizza, called Pizza Fino. Fino is the Italian word for ‘light’. This pizza would be made out of natural products, which means that none toxic products would be added to this pizza. The Ingredients I would use will be:
Chicken • Tomato • Onions • Chutney •
BBQ-Sauce • Cheese • Corn The chutney I want to use would be a kind of mysterious special chutney with some interesting flavors that would make people want to buy it. Of course the chutney would be made of toxic spices. The size of the pizza would be a medium sized one with 27 CM in the diameter. This pizza will have 700 in total. Which means it will be healthy enough. But does this actually makes the pizza healthy? If you take for an example to the pizza of the Domino’s. They use around 1200 calories in each pizza, this pizza would have almost the half. This does make the pizza healthier for people to eat.

Evaluation of external communication
Task 3 / P4

As every company Scotch & Soda has guidelines for their company. These guidelines were found on their website: (
When it comes to communication from the company there are guidelines a company should manage
The Dutch Advertising Code has two categories General Part and Special Advertising Codes. In the General section has all the rules where all commercial should satisfy. These guidelines are about that a commercial can’t be misleading or can’t fight with the truth. Subjective norms are also included. A commercial can’t be needlessly hurt or can’t fight with the good taste and decency.
Additionally besides the rules from the General Part can Special Advertising Codes be applied to advertising for specific products and services.
The Advertising Code applies on all commercials in the Netherlands.
Scotch & Soda does NOT make commercials for on TV. But they do have commercials.

This is a short commercial from the Spring/Summer (SS) collection.
This is a really simple commercial. I’ll take you through the commercial:
Frame 1:

As you can see, they wanted to show their company name (the logo) in the beginning of the video. This is in black and white. So it’s really simple and clear.

Frame 2: - A Guy swimming in the ocean. Please note there’s branding in the shot

Frame 3: The same guy is walking on the beach in some of the SS collection, again, no branding at all..

Frame 4: The guy walks in the same outfit on the road, note that focused the camera on the jacket, around the jacket it’s foggy. (This is to show the jacket) Frame 5: The guys puts his jacket on. Note that the camera is again focused on the jacket, but as you can see the signs on the care are erased because of the copyrights. Frame 6: In the last frame you’ll see their website. This is a simple, yet short commercial. The thing they want to put out is their company name.

I think Scotch & Soda are doing a good job when it comes to guidelines, because they only make commercials to promote the company name, and not their products. The only thing I’m missing out would be the TV commercial, they are making commercials so why not show them on TV? For Scotch & Soda I would advise to make their commercials longer, because the 55 seconds won’t make any difference. And if they really want to sell more products by using commercials, they should show more clothes in it. Ways Scotch & Soda can improve their communication: * Advertisements * Mailing * Press Releases * Company Websites * Flyers etc… I think Scotch & Soda did a good job on making their commercials different than other companies, they are showing s you just saw above their name/logo are in the commercials. So that’s a good thing. Because I think, when you as a company want to show your product to the ‘outside world’ you need to make it happen by yourself. To make your product get the attention you should use various ways of extern communication. This is to ensure that the public or audience you want to reach is as large as possible. External communication is also important because you will be dealing with a lot of people from outside of the company who will need to know what is going on with the company. The most obvious example of this is with the investors. I think Scotch & Soda are doing a good job when it comes to guidelines, because they only make commercials to promote the company name, and not their products.

Issues involving Business Information

When it comes to e-mail or other personal information, there are a lot of issues with that subject, there are certain guidelines a company should manage.
In the attachments you’ll find the guidelines Scotch & Soda use for the company.

Legal Issues:

Every company should consider the legal issues in a country. There are laws for these companies. These are Scotch & Soda their Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Scotch & Soda

Scotch & Soda respects the privacy of all visitors to its website and is highly committed to maintaining the privacy of all online visitors to its websites, including:, We will use your data to make sure that your orders will be handled as fast and easy as possible or that certain parts of sites are more tailored to your interests. However, we will not share your Personally Identifiable Information (information) with others without your prior consent. This document describes how we deal with your online privacy and online security.

If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes here so that you will always know what information we gather, how we might use it and whether we will disclose it to anyone.

The outline of this document:

1. What information we collect 2. We don’t share your information 3. Your information is safe at Scotch & Soda (Online Security) 4. Cookies 5. Controlling your information with us 6. Contact us at Scotch & Soda
1.What information we collect
We may collect information when you register for promotional emails, set up a shopping account, purchase goods, contact customer service, or engage in other interactive features with our sites (e.g., consumer opinion surveys). This information may also include your name, address-, bank- and payment details. Please also review our online Terms & Conditions, which are linked at the bottom of our websites and govern many of the user-generated content and related features, as explained therein. * If you place an order on the Webstore of Scotch & Soda, we collect your name, e-mail address, billing information and shipment information in order to complete and deliver your order. * To make your shopping experience as nice as possible we, with your permission, collect personal information about your orders and the use of our services. With this information we can personalize the website and recommend products you might be interested in. * If you make an account at Scotch & Soda we will collect your information on a secure server. You are asked to fill in your name, e-mail address, billing information and shipment information so that you don’t have to fill in this again for any following purchases. * The information we collect about both the use of our site(s) and the feedback help us to develop and improve the website(s). * If you decide to write a review, you can choose whether you do this under your own name or anonymously. We are interested in the opinion of our visitors, however we hold the right reserved to not publish or remove reviews that do not correspond to our general terms. * With your permission we will inform you on new features, specials and other promotional activities of Scotch & Soda. If you do not want this, you can change this in your account settings or send an e-mail to * Should you apply for a job at Scotch & Soda, whether through the website, by e-mail or mail, we require you to supply us with your personal information, resume and application letter. 2.We don’t share your information:
We will not share (or sell) the information you provide us with third parties unless we first obtain your consent. We will also give you the opportunity of opting out of other uses that we might make of any of the information you provide to us.

Please note that the use of any feature made available to you on our websites such as Facebook Connect, or the like feature (also connected to Facebook) may result in information being collected or shared about you by us or by others. We cannot control how your information is collected, stored, used or shared by third-party sites or to whom it is disclosed. Please be sure to review the privacy policies and settings on your social networking sites to make sure you understand and agree with the information they are sharing.

If you do not want Scotch & Soda to share information about you with a social media site or application, you should not access the social media site or the social media application. For example, you should not click a "like" button on a product detail page.
3.Your information is safe at Scotch & Soda (Online Security)
We appreciate the trust you place in us. Scotch & Soda is committed to protecting your personal information. We’ve implemented reasonable security measures, including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology and other tools to protect all your information we might collect on our websites. We use a variety of measures to ensure that your personal information (including the information in your resume and application letter) is protected from: unauthorized access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorized modification or alteration, unlawful destruction or accidental loss. However, the Internet is an open system and Scotch & Soda cannot guarantee that the personal information you submit will not be intercepted by others.

All our employees who have access to or are involved in the processing of personal information respect the confidentiality of personal information.

Our website may include links to external websites operated by other organizations. They may collect personal information from visitors to their site. Scotch & Soda cannot guarantee the content or privacy practices of any external websites and does not accept responsibility for those websites.

We reserve the right to disclose any information to the extent we reasonably believe that disclosure is required by law, to enforce our website policies, or to protect your or others" rights, property or safety.
We may use ‘cookies’ on our website that act as an identification card for your computer. When you visit our Scotch & Soda websites, unique cookies are placed to distinguish your browser from all other browsers that visit our sites. By recognizing your browser, we can serve you better.

You have a choice to accept or reject cookies by modifying your browser preferences. You have the choice to accept all cookies, to be notified when a cookie is set or to reject all cookies. Please note that if you choose to reject all cookies, certain parts of this site may not be available to you or may not function properly.
5.Controlling your information with us
By submitting your personal information, you give your consent to the use of said information as set out in this privacy policy. You have the following rights to change your information: a right to see the information we hold on you, a right to have any wrong or incomplete information corrected , or (in certain circumstances) to have your personal information deleted, a right to ask us to stop providing you information on our services.
6.Contact us at Scotch & Soda
If you have any questions, feedback or want to know more about how your personal information is used, or if you want to access, correct or remove your personal information, please contact us at You may write to us at: Scotch & Soda, Jacobus Spijkerdreef 20-24, 2132 PZ, Hoofddorp department web store.
Scotch & Soda complies with de duty to inform under the Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens and is registered at CBP as m1399179

Ethical Issues:
Fair Labor
The International Labor Organization, which guides European clothing manufacturers, has guidelines companies can use to ensure appropriate fair labor practices. Examples of acceptable ethical include no child labor or illegal immigrants, wages comparable to local standards and termination of trade relations in the event of ethics violations.
Employee Safety
The clothing industry, both domestic and international, must abide by appropriate safety measures to ensure that employees are treated in an ethical manner. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has extensive guidelines and an analysis of the clothing industry with regards to machine operation, ergonomics, hazardous substances, noise, heat stress, exposure to cotton dust and dye safety. For example, for general safety advice regarding sewing garments.
Going Green
Synthetic fibers are more difficult to dye than natural fibers. Manufacturers add heavy metals and toxic compounds to the water to help the dyes cling to these fabrics. This creates pollution in the form of runoff to lakes, rivers and oceans. With concerns over this pollution, some companies have begun to use more environmentally friendly products. Eco-friendly clothing manufacturers use organic cotton, bamboo, soy and hemp to weave fabrics, and then use plant-based dyes to give the fabrics color. Some companies also use recycled synthetic fibers like polyester and plastic bags in their products in an effort to keep non-biodegradable items out of landfills.
Livable Wages
A livable wage is one on which you can support yourself without the need to find an extra job or depend on outside assistance. Clothing industry practices vary widely regarding livable wages: Some companies pay minimum wage, while others pay competitive rates. Manufacturers who outsource jobs to foreign companies in China, India or other countries might try to get around paying livable wages to workers. To counter this, some companies have instigated the practice of fair trade. Fair trade clothing companies assure consumers that workers in foreign countries receive fair and livable wages for the work they do.

Scotch and soda describes there business principles, which are fundamental in the partnerships with our suppliers. Although we realize that cultures across the globe have different norms and values, certain are universally valid and apply to all our activities.

We work with suppliers that share our code, within the context of their particular culture and who share these also with their suppliers. * All suppliers have to operate in compliance with the laws of the countries in which they operate. * No supplier will engage in forced labour or labour which involves physical or mental abuse or any form of corporal punishment. * Workers must not be younger than the age for working in any specific country and not less than 14 years, whichever is the greater. * No discrimination shall be tolerated in hiring, remuneration, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement based on gender, age, religion, race, disability, ethnic and national origin, union membership and/or sexual orientation. * Wages and benefits must be fully comparable with local norms, must comply with all local laws and must conform to the general principle of fair and honest dealings. Illegal, unauthorized or disciplinary deductions from wages shall not be made. * Suppliers must ensure that regular working hours or overtime do not exceed the legal maximum according to local law. * Overtime hours are to be solely worked on a voluntary basis and to be paid at a premium rate. * All workers should be free to join associations of their own choosing, and they should have the right to bargain collectively. Disciplinary actions against workers who choose peacefully and lawfully to organize or join an association are unacceptable. * Suppliers must provide a safe and hygienic workplace to prevent accidents and injury to health arising out of, linked with, or accruing in the course of work. * Suppliers must ensure that products (fabrics, clothing articles, trimmings, packaging, hangers etc.) do not contain hazardous materials (incl. AZO-dyestuffs, PCP's, Cadmium, chrome, copper, formaldehyde, lead, nickel) in higher concentrations than permitted and/or as described in the production manual Scotch & Soda provides on a regular basis, whatever is the more stringent. Supplier must ensure to follow REACH Regulation. * Supplier confirms that it will not, now or for future orders, use any production technique that involves sand-blasting or any other production technique that is directly harmful to the health of its workers. * Supplier agrees to maintain on file such documentation as may be needed to demonstrate compliance with this Code of Conduct, and further agrees to make these documents available for Scotch & Soda or it's designated auditor's inspection upon request. * Procedures and standards for waste management, handling and disposure of chemicals and other dangerous materials, emissions and effluent treatment, must meet or exceed minimum legal requirements.
Electronic Communication Scotch and soda also does their communication in beauty/fashion magazines.

As you can see Scotch & Soda isn’t only in Dutch magazines but they’re worldwide in a lot of beauty/fashion magazines. In the magazines they’re promoting their collection for the season of new products in over-all.
How does Scotch & Soda reach their different target audiences?
Scotch & Soda does not believe in target groups and puts a great effort into making clothes that fit and please every individual customer. They only make products they consider attractive, high quality, contemporary, genuine and affordable. Scotch & Soda want people to love their clothes and have fun wearing them. The Scotch brand DNA, old school with a spicy twist and love for detailing, is recognisable in each garment. Influences from all over the world are taken to achieve a diverse look which is characteristic for their collections. To Scotch, variety is the spice of life.
Sometimes the hardest part about running any type of campaign is connecting with your targeted audience. If your company does not reach out to your targeted audience, then there is no point to your campaign. Scotch & Soda:
They use there Facebook to reach the younger target groups (till 21 years)
They have a newsletter which shows everyone the updated news.

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