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Unit 5 Lab 1

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Physical Networking Unit 5 Lab 1

Wired and Wireless Networks

The biggest difference between these two types of networks is one uses network cables and one uses

radio frequencies. A wired network allows for a faster and more secure connection and can only be

used for distances shorter than 2,000 feet. Several other disadvantage of a wired network such as the

“need to run cables in difficult environments through walls, floors and ceilings. Cables need to be run

from computer to computer and switch to switch. Process can be time consuming. Loose cables likely

remain the single most common and annoying source of failure in a wired network.” (PACE University,

n.d.) While a wireless network is a very useful and convenient networking device, however these types

of networks a lot less secure and transmission speeds can suffer from outside interference. Although

wireless networking is a lot more mobile than wired networking the range of the network is usually 150-

300 indoors and up to 1000 feet outdoors depending on the terrain. The cost for wired networking has

become rather inexpensive. Ethernet cables, hubs and switches are very inexpensive. Broadband

routers cost more, but these are optional components of a wired network, and their higher cost is offset

by the benefit of easier installation and built-in security features.

The primary parts of a wired network are the cables, network adapters, and routers. Wired LANs offer

superior performance. The tools needed would be a Crimping tool, Punch Down tool, Cable cutters,

Cable strippers, and a Cable tester. A traditional Ethernet connection offers only 10 Mbps bandwidth,

but 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet technology costs a little more and is readily available. Fast Ethernet should

be sufficient for file sharing, gaming, and high-speed…...

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