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Unit 5 P6,M3

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P6 – Follow guidelines to interpt and collect data for heart rate, breathing rate and temperature before and after a standard period of exercise.
M3 – Present data collected before and after a standard of period of exercise with reference to validity.
Hypothesis: ‘Heart rate’, breathing rate and temperature increasing when exercising.
Equipment needed: * Heart rate monitor * Thermometer * Stop watch
1. Make sure the person has been resting for 5 minutes to ensure that they are relaxed. 2. Measure the pulse rate, temperature and how many times they breathe. These are the results for before exercise. 3. The individual will undertake strenuous exercise for 3 minutes immediately following the exercise take the pulse rate, temperature and how many times they breathe in one minute. These are the results for the after exercise. 4. Record all results | Resting | After exercise | Heart rate | 90 | 105 | Breathe rate | 47 | 54 | Temperature | 36 | 36 |

I did prove my hypothesis because the results above shows that our heart rate, breathe rate and temperature changes when we exercise. After exercising the heart rate increased to 105 and the breathing rate increased to 54, but the temperature stayed the same. Some of the measurements were accurate because of resting before taking each measurement which will cause the results to be inaccurate, when you are exercising and you want to take the measurements you need an individual to help you measure your breathing, heart, and temperature rate straight away after exercising so the results would be accurate. The equipment that i used in the experiment was accurate but when i did my measurements some of time was inaccurate because I didn’t measure it straight away.
Aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration take place. During aerobic respiration breathing rate increases to bring...

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