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Unit abstract

The aim of this unit is to act as a focal point for all other units in the programme and embed the vocational nature of the qualification. In addition to the requirement for work experience and the opportunity to relate theory to practice, the unit will enable you to bring together your learning from other units.

You will initially explore factors that affect learning, then plan and monitor your own personal and professional development and reflect on it. You will also gain key understanding of the health and social care sectors, including aspects of service delivery, and the fundamentals of research methodology.

This unit explores the different ways in which learning can take place and how learning from individual experience can be used to enhance the quality of knowledge, skills and practice.
You will initially explore your own knowledge, skills, practice, values and beliefs in relation to working in health and social care. You will then draw up a personal plan for self-development over the duration of the programme. The unit also introduces you to health and social care service provision.

A minimum of 100 hours work experience is required for successful completion of this unit.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this unit you should:

1. Understand the learning process 2. Be able to plan for, monitor and reflect on own development 3. Understand service provision in the health or social care sectors


To reach Pass level, the evidence must show that the learner is able to:

P1 explain key influences on personal learning processes of individuals
P2 describe own knowledge, skills, practice, values, beliefs and career aspirations at start of programme
P3 produce and monitor an action plan for self-development and the achievement of own personal goals
P4 describe own progress against action plan over the duration of the programme
P5 produce and reflect on own personal and professional development portfolio
P6 describe one local health or social care service provider and identify its place in national provision
P7 describe the roles, responsibilities and career pathways of three health or social care workers

To reach Merit level, the evidence must show that, in addition to the Pass criteria, the learner is able to:

M1 analyse the impact of key influences on personal learning processes on own learning
M2 explain how the action plan has helped support own development over the duration of the programme
M3 reflect on own experiences and use three examples to explain links between theory and practice

To reach Distinction level, the evidence must show that, in addition to the Pass and Merit criteria, the learner is able to:

D1 evaluate how personal learning and development may benefit others
D2 evaluate own development over the duration of the programme


Task 1 (relevant criteria P1, M1, D1) Hand-in date:

At the beginning of the course you need to think about what the key influences on learning are. There are various theories of learning which you need to explain eg Honey and Mumford, Kolb.

For Task l you need to

• write a short explanation of 2 theories about how we learn (not more than 300 words) (P1) • write an explanation of how some of the following different influences can affect the ability to learn successfully (P1) - previous learning and experiences - specific learning needs - formal versus informal learning - learning style - time - learning environment - access to resources - attitude and self discipline - aspirations and motivation - priorities in life - health - responsibilities - relationships - others as appropriate

• Write an analysis of how your own learning has been influenced by these factors (M1) • Write an evaluation of how your own learning and development may benefit other people (D1)

Unit Content for Task 1

1. Understand the learning process

Theories of learning: eg Honey and Mumford, Kolb

Influences on learning: eg previous learning and experience, specific learning need, formal versus informal learning, time, learning style, learning environment, access to resources, attitude and self-discipline, aspirations and motivation, priorities, health, responsibilities, relationships, others as appropriate.

Task 2 (relevant criteria P2) Hand in date:

This task looks at your own knowledge, skills, practice, values, beliefs and career aspirations at the beginning of the course.

• Skills for learning: These fall into 2 types – study skills and research skills. In the 2 boxes below describe what skills you think you already have in this area.

|Study skills: describe what | |
|skills you have in the 3 areas| |
|of | |
|- Literacy | |
|- Numeracy | |
|- Information and | |
|Communication technology | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
|Research Skills: | |
|Describe what skills you have | |
|in the following areas: | |
|- observation | |
|- questioning | |
|- use of the internet | |
|- using feedback | |
|-reflection | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
|Support for learning: | |
|Describe what kinds of support| |
|for learning you could get if | |
|you needed it. Eg from tutors,| |
|peers, supervisors, mentors, | |
|meetings, increased | |
|self-awareness, how and where | |
|to access information and | |
|support on knowledge and best | |
|practice | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
|Learning opportunities: | |
|Describe a variety of | |
|opportunities you think you | |
|will have to learn during this| |
|course eg: | |
|Formal learning | |
|Informal learning | |
|Knowledge gained from | |
|classroom activities, | |
|placement experiences, | |
|independent studies, life | |
|experience, employment and | |
|voluntary activities. | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |

Unit Content for Task 2

Skills for learning: Study skills; literacy; numeracy, information and communication technology; research skills, eg observation, questioning, use of the internet, using feedback; reflection

Support for learning: eg from tutors, peers, supervisors, mentors; meetings; increased self-awareness; how and where to access information and support on knowledge and best practice

Learning opportunities: formal, informal; knowledge gained from, eg classroom activities, placement experiences, independent studies, life experiences, employment, voluntary activities

Task 3 (relevant criteria P3, P4, M2, D2) Hand in date:

For this task you need to

• Fill in an action plan at the beginning of the programme which you will monitor throughout the 2 years of the course for your own self-development and achievement of your goals. Your self development can be in any of the areas listed in the Content for Task 3. (P3) • The action plan needs to contain at least 3 short term (up to 6 months) and at least 3 long term goals (minimum of 18 months) (P3) • These goals need to be monitored at least 4 times throughout the course – this will usually be after work experience and will involve you describing the progress you have made so far in achieving these short and long term goals. (P4) • At the end of the course you need to write an explanation of how your action plan has helped support you personal and professional development over the 2 years of the course (M2) • For (D2) you need to write an evaluation of your own development over the duration of the course.

Content of Unit for Task 3

Plan for own development: targets/goals, short-term (up to six months), long term (minimum of 18 months), specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, timely

Consider personal goals: in terms of own development: a minimum of three goals, progress against targets set

Changes: in response to ongoing development needs, goals and reflection
Contexts: work experience placements, visits, study environment, life events, other, eg employment

2. Be able to plan for, monitor and reflect on own development

Review at start of programme: current knowledge and skills, practice, values, beliefs, career aspirations; self-awareness

Knowledge: eg relevant formal and informal learning to date, current contemporary issues, understanding of theories, principles and concepts, understanding of potential careers; gained from a variety of learning opportunities


- Communicating: language – verbal, non-verbal - Working with others: eg service users, professionals, peers - Technical: eg IT, use of equipment, creative/craft skills - Research: eg primary, secondary, data handling - Personal eg organisation skills, personal presentations

Practice: eg respect for the value base of care, professional interactions with others, co-operative working with others, team work, influence of personal values and beliefs, awareness of need to develop personal value base to support and promote good practice, awareness of the impact of legislation, codes of practice and policies on own practice, responsibilities and limitations

Values and beliefs: eg personal values and beliefs, value base of care

Career aspirations: career options, preferred choice

Task 4 (relevant criteria P5, M3) Hand in date:

You are required to complete at least 100 hours on work experience placements.

On work experience you will keep a Logbook of your development which will form part of your personal and professional development portfolio.

The Logbook will contain a record of your attendance, reports from placement supervisors, your daily diary of activities undertaken and your reflective accounts of what you have learnt. (P5)

You will be given this Logbook before your first work experience placement.

For (M3) you need to write about three examples from your work experience that explain how what you have practiced in the work place is influenced/linked to a theory. The theory could be from psychology eg Bowlby’s theory of attachment and the importance of settling-in policies in nurseries or from other units studied eg Unit 2 Equality, Diversity and Rights

Content of unit for task 4

Professional development portfolio: professional practice log book, structured appropriately for assessment of unit and nature of evidence, indexed, authenticated records to demonstrate personal progression in developing own knowledge, skills, practice and career aspirations over time, variety of contexts for learning and development

Relevant evidence: formal, eg assessment, observations, witness testimony from direct observation, placement reports, feedback from tutors and supervisors, tutorial/career records, certificates, personal statements, application forms or CVs; informal eg diary, peer reviews, reflective accounts, records of events

Support for development: from tutors, peers, supervisors, mentors; meetings; increased self-awareness; how and where to access information and support on knowledge and best practice

Reflect on own development: linking theory to practice; linking practice to theory; achievement of personal goals in terms of knowledge, skills, practice, values, beliefs, and career aspirations; influence of personal values and beliefs; impact of others on evoking development of self

TASK 5 (relevant criteria P6, P7) Hand in date:

• Write a description of one of your placements and identify how it fits in with national provision. You could use a diagram or chart to show this. You will need to describe the following:

• Type of provision (what service does it provide, what are its aims and objectives)

• Who funds it

• Who can go there (access the service)

• Any barriers there are to accessing the service

• The organisation’s Policies and Procedures

• How the service fit in with national provision


You then need to find out about the roles, responsibilities and career pathways of three people who work there. You may like to interview them about their jobs, responsibilities and careers. To do this you will need to prepare a questionnaire beforehand.

To meet (P7) you need to write a description of these roles, responsibilities and career pathways. Alternatively you could record your interviews on a tape or disc and submit that as your evidence.

Content of Unit for Task 5

3. Understand service provision in the health and social care sectors

Provision of services: national framework relevant to home country; primary, secondary, tertiary; regulators

Local health or social care service provider: eg type of provision, funding, access, potential barriers to access, organisational policies and procedures; how the service fits within national framework

Health and social care workers: health and social care professions, eg nursing staff, social workers, professions allied to medicine; technical support professionals, eg medical and non-medical laboratory staff; other support professionals, eg managers, administrators; role of professional bodies; career pathways, training and qualifications, workforce development; codes of conduct, roles and responsibilities; multi-disciplinary teams


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