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Unit 8 analysis.
System Performance.
When it comes to system performance, having a slow system can be frustrating. There could possibly be multiple things wrong within your system. One problem could be too many processors running at the same time. Systems can also become infected with viruses of many different kinds and severely slow down.
However, by taking the right steps, someone can improve the performance of there system. To start with, the user can defrag there system which basically means cleaning out the hard drive. The user analyzes the hard drives programs that could be causing errors or bugs and deletes them so that the system can performe at its greatest potential.
Also, the user can check his system for hardware and software compatibility. If the user finds a compatibility issue it can be maintenanced and greatly improve the systems performance. The systems OS will always address if there is an system problem via alert messages. The user can easily fix whatever problem may be occurring by opening the systems alert message.
The user can always check a systems performance and reliability monitors. This is a windows feature that stores all records of past performance issues and can help find when a problem occurred. It helps the user find exactly what program that was installed caused a problem in the system. The systems user can find a manual for his or her system and by following simple steps of installing different internal hardwares for their system, they can greatly improve the performance of there...

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