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Unit Ip1

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Unit 1 Individual Project 1

Unit 1 Individual Project
November 11, 2012

Unit 1 Individual Project 2
Unit 1 Individual Project Roman Geography: The geography that made up Rome was Mediterranean just like the geography of Greece, but at the same time was completely different. Rome was located inland on one side of the Tiber river and did not have the naturally occurring hills to keep tribes out. | Greek Geography: Another Mediterranean area Greek towns and cities unlike the romans have rolling hills that separated them and proved advantageous militarily to keeping enemies out. | Roman Art: Roman art is to be considered Imitative of Greek art. The Goal of roman artists was to create realistic portraits for décor. | Greek Art: Considered Superior to roman art, The goal of Greek sculptors was to create and ideal artistic form. | Roman Economics: Based off of agriculture, romans generally imported their wheat and annexed provinces the provided it the romans also farmed and engaged in trade Rome was depended on slave labor till late empire. | Greek Economics: Agriculturally based, Greeks lived in small wheat producing farms; Eventually big estates took over and started producing wine and olive oil, which where chief exports to the romans. | Roman Government: Originally Rome was rules by kings, it then switched over to a form of republic | Greek Government: Greek was originally rules by kings then it switched to a oligarchy and finally a democracy | Roman Religion: Roman religion was based around worship of Jupiter, optimus and Maximus, the roman equivalents of the Olympian gods. Blasphemy against roman gods was punishable by death....

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