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Unit Outline
Sequencing Activities and Dependencies Sequencing Activities 1. What is the purpose of sequencing activities? 2. What types of activities exist in a project? o Predecessor and successor activities o Concurrent activities o Dummy activities o Lag activities o Milestones 3. How do I begin sequencing my project activities? Identifying Dependencies 1. How do dependencies affect activity sequencing? o Mandatory dependencies o Discretionary dependencies o External dependencies 2. What other sequencing dependencies should I understand? o Finish-to-start dependency o Finish-to-finish dependency o Start-to-start dependency o Start-to-finish dependency 3. How do leads affect activity sequencing? 4. How do lags affect activity sequencing? Managing Risk and Resources 1. How do dependencies affect risk? 2. What is slack, and how does it affect risk management? 3. How can I manage resources when sequencing dependencies? Unit Content
Sequencing Activities and Dependencies
Sequencing Activities
What is the purpose of sequencing activities?
The purpose of sequencing project activities is to arrange them in a logical order for completion. Since activity sequencing enables you to determine the order of activity completion that best manages the time and resources available for completing the project, it is an important part of scheduling.
What types of activities exist in a project?

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