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Unit Plan #1 Mrs. G’s 1102 classes- Spring 2014

Assignment #1 For Tuesday, January 7: Meet your professor, fill out a special attendance sheet, and go over the syllabus projected on the classroom screen.

Assignment #2 for Thursday, January 9: Bring to class an 8 1/2 x 11” blue-book (not the smaller size) and 2 blue or black pens (no pencils allowed). Write a diagnostic essay in proper MLA format. I will provide you with a diagnostic criteria sheet, a sample of how your MLA format should look, and an actual hard copy of your syllabus.

Assignment #3 For Tuesday, January 14: Class will meet in Room 2207 (Bldg 2) for your mandatory Writing Lab Orientation. You will also be registered on the appropriate Pearson website. Bring in some notebook paper. If you purchased your Literature book, bring it in, hopefully still wrapped in the plastic. Don’t break the plastic, since you may be using the website and can purchase the lit book without the mylitlab access code.

Assignment #4 for Thursday, January 16: Read Chapter One in your Literature for
Composition textbook or e-text version “How to Write an Effective Essay: A Crash Course”
(1-8). Bring in either your text or e-book, since you may be called on to answer one of the
Chapter One journal entry questions I will upload onto, questions you can download and bring to class. Whatever Chapter One work we do not finish Thursday, we will complete next class, then begin the Chapter Two journal entry questions and answers. Assignment #5 for Tuesday, January 21: Before class, read Chapter Two, “The Writer as
Reader” in either your Literature for Composition text or e-book (9-19). Again, bring in your text or e-book and the Chapter Two journal entry questions downloaded from mywritinglab, and begin a discussion of Chapter Two. Since we may not conclude the discussion this day, we will finish Chapter Two next class.

Assignment #6 for Thursday, January 23: Bring in your Lit text or e-book and the downloaded Chapter Two journal entry questions. Conclude the discussion of Chapter
Two and participate in a class activity.

Unit Plan #2 will start Tuesday, January 28.

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