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Physical Networking



Student Professional Experience Project

NSA SPE Project 1 (to be completed by the end of NT1310):
Install, Configure, Test, Maintain and/or Document the Worksite Local Area Network and Its Components

The purpose of the Student Professional Experience (SPE) project is to provide you an opportunity for work experience in your field or in a related field to add to your résumé. You may have an opportunity to serve your community or work for a local employer for a project that will take between 20 and 30 hours.

Project Logistics
Career Services will identify an employer with needs in the following areas:

Network related tasks (mostly confined to the LAN and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 environments)
Students are expected to practice various skills discussed in all the technical courses in Quarters 1 through 3 of the NSA program at an employer’s site on network related tasks (more confined to the LAN and Microsoft Windows Networking with Server 2008 environments) that would involve installation, configuration, testing, maintenance and documentation of the worksite network and its components, and to properly document the technical information in all involved activities. Such documentation will be used as the source material for Items 2 and 3 defined in the Deliverables section of this document.

Possible example projects could be (but are not limited to):
Install/maintain/upgrade site LAN cabling/wiring
Survey, inventory and document networking layout and assets
Install, configure and/or support Windows 7 desktop as network clients
Install, configure and/or support Windows Server 2008 for a network
Install, configure and/or support a site LAN (local area network, wired or wireless)
General network user...

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