United States Health Care vs. the German Health Care

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United States Health Care vs. the German Health Care
Denise Jackson
American Sentinel University

United States Health Care vs. the German Health Care
There are many individuals’ that think the German health care system is one of the best in the world. Back in 1883 a man by the name of Otto von Bismarck, created Germany’s health care system; a universal health care system which is the oldest in Europe ("Otto von Bismarck," 2012). When the German health care system was created, it was mandatory for a select few mainly, low-income workers and specific government employees. Gradually the system was expanded to cover the entire German population. Under the German universal health care system 85 % of their population has basic health care coverage; and the remaining German population has chosen private health care coverage. There are two forms of health care insurance, public health insurance and private insurance. In 2009 it became mandatory by the German government that all students and employees must have health care insurance coverage regardless of income or social status.
The United States (U.S.) modern health care insurance programs evolved from traditional disability insurance that was implemented back in the middle to late 20th century. When the U.S. health care system was created, it was designed to provide coverage for a select few,” railroad and steamboat worker ("Health insurance in the United States," 2012, p. 2)”. The origins of sickness coverage in the US effectively date from 1890. The first employer-sponsored group disability policy was issued in 1911, but the plan primary purpose was to replace wages lost due to an inability to work, not medical expenses (Health Insurance Association of America, 1997). Before the extension of medical health insurance, patients were required to pay all health care costs out of their own pockets…...