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United States History to the Civil War

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The civil war and the inception of the US constitution played a critical and pivotal role in the reconstruction of the modern US society. From these events, it was possible for the United States to become a single state and a unified nation, which finally ended slavery and thus expanded the applicable ideals that led to the declaration of independence. Historians argue that the civil war remains to be a critical event in the United States history; this is because this war was able to end the animosity caused by the inevitable climax of conflicts and sectional tensions. This paper will discuss the evolution of the modern US society from the inception of the constitution through the civil war and reconstruction.
United States constitution remains to be the oldest constitution in the world and since its inception in 1787; it has played a critical role in the development of the modern US society (Sammis, 1997). Historians argue that the United States constitution has helped in providing a remarkable degree of political stability in the US, a country known for its social diversity. According to law experts, since the inception of the US constitution it has been possible to silence matters that seem to be sensitive in regards to the modern way of living. Moreover, the US constitution enabled the sanctions of the slavery, which remained to be the cause of the animosity before the civil war.
On the other hand, before the US civil war, the then US President Abraham Lincoln had began to formulate a plan that would ensure the restoration of the confederate states. In December 1863 through the proclamation of amnesty and reconstruction, Abraham Lincoln stated that in the 1860 general elections, which excluded the blacks, ten percent of the voters accepted emancipation and this meant that United States would become a new government and thus could return to the union...

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