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Universal healthcare coverage in Indonesia
One year on

January 2015
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Universal healthcare coverage in Indonesia—
One year on





Indonesia’s version of Universal Healthcare: What is the JKN? What about the
Challenges with Indonesia’s version of Universal Healthcare


Teething problems—A short-term affair?


Balancing the budget—Fiscal sustainability


Chronic undersupply—Another barrier to providing truly comprehensive services 15
How should the healthcare industry prepare in the short to medium term?


Healthcare service providers: Pockets of opportunity


Med-tech and pharma: Spotting opportunities and tailoring product offerings 19

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Universal healthcare coverage in Indonesia—

One year on

Ivy Teh, Managing Director at Clearstate, an
Economist Intelligence Unit business.
2014 marked a watershed year for Indonesia, the world’s fourth populous country, with the election of the popular reformist politician,
Mr. Joko Widodo, as its president. The year also saw the rollout of the long-delayed universal healthcare scheme (UHC). Indonesia intends to phase-in the world’s largest single player health care insurance program from 2014 to 2019, reaching universal coverage for all Indonesians in 6 years.
After a much anticipated 9 years wait since the initial law was passed, the actual UHC rollout in Jan 2014 has led many to raise concerns about Indonesia’s ability and commitment to implement such a large-scale undertaking.
Important issues such as the readiness of infrastructure, the chronic shortage of medical professionals, the sufficient and proper funding of the...

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