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Universal Healthcare System in the United States

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I will argue for a universal healthcare system in the United States through a comparison of feminist ethics and traditional ethics. I find that the following considerations from Virginia Held’s Ethics of Care, and Kant’s view on autonomy provide a convincing argument for universal healthcare coverage.
In Virginia Held’s Ethics of Care, she makes six distinct statements on care ethics through a feminist point of view. 1.) “Moralities built on the image of the independent, autonomous, rational individual largely overlook the reality of human dependence and the morality for which it calls.” (Camp, 2011:48)

Held is describing how interdependence is primary and one is not in control of caretaking relationships. The majority of caretaking relationships are not chosen (parents and siblings) and we have a responsibility of care to these unchosen relations. We are all interdependent on each other, not autonomous. An argument relating to health care according to the view presented by Held on feminine ethics directly confirms the point that we are not autonomous beings: “Children in particular are harmed by familial stress and developmental delays from not receiving health care, both of which can lead to behavioral problems and loss of potential. When one member is uninsured or becomes ill, there is a financial burden put on the rest of the family” ( Universal health care coverage would allow for this family burden of stress and finances to be decreased, and in some cases eliminated. Our interdependence on others is increased when we fall ill, and the current health care system does not take into account this interdependence and burden; rather the focus is on how best to make a profit from the industry. 2.) “The ethics of care…typically appreciates the emotions and relational capabilities that enable morally concerned persons in actual...

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