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Universal Healthcare in America

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The United States having universal healthcare
Michelle Garbarino
Eng 122
James Meetze
February. 25, 2013

Should the United States have Universal Healthcare?
The question of Universal Healthcare in the United States has valid and non valid arguments with supporters on both sides of the issue. Millions of Americans do not have affordable health care insurance. The main question is who is responsible to provide this? Is it feasible for government to pay for the lack of health care by taxpayer’s dollars? Should you be responsible for yourselves or should you be compensated by the government? Unemployment is at record high making health insurance less attainable or affordable than ever. In most cases, additional restrictions or taxes will be placed on goods and services to pay for the Universal Health Care plan. By addressing each side of the argument and discussing the benefits, risks, and effects of Universal Health Care in the United States a fair conclusion can be made. The Arguments for Universal Healthcare in the United States, Rising health care cost has made it difficult to maintain adequate health care and eventually has driven many Americans into bankruptcy (Frosch, Dan, 2005). More than 62% of the individuals who filed bankruptcy filed because of medical expenses and 78% who filed had medical insurance. The high cost of medical expenses today often drives many families into bankruptcy because they cannot afford the high expense of medical costs," (Himmelstein, Thorne, Warren, & Woolhandler, 2007).
Medical problems were the contributing factors why bankruptcy rose by 50% during the years 2001 through 2007. With the rising costs of health care in the United States, it is a defining factor on how many new bankruptcies have occurred in the twenty-first century.

In today’s economy there are about 45 million Americans who are uninsured,...

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