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Universal Quality In El Deafo

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The universal quality in El Deafo by Cece Bell is that differences make people special. An example of this quality is on page 83 and 84. This is when Cece says, “Heh heh… well if that kid is ‘deafo’... am I ‘deafo’ to?” and later she says, “You wanna call me ‘deafo’? Go ahead!” This shows Cece embracing her differences and difficulties. This helps her develop her alter ego, El Deafo. El Deafo is a super hero and is everything Cece aspires to be. Another example of this quality can be located on page 221, where Cece’s friend Ginny says, “Mike told me to tell you that he was right! You are a hero!” This exemplifies Cece’s friends realizing that Cece’s disability can be cool. With this quote, you can tell that not only Cece, but her friends,...

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