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Universal Studios

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Universal Studios

I chose Universal studios as the corporation to do this paper on. One of the main reasons is that when my kids were younger we went there every year for our vacation. My kids and I have some very fond memories going there. The other reason was that the entire family could enjoy themselves and not put a serious dent in the finances. Also everything was theme based, mostly on movies. Even an adult could feel young and carefree again. The tradition has not changed within our family; the group has only gotten bigger with the addition of grandkids. It is such a joy to see them having fun and interacting with the characters at the park. The universal film manufacturing company was founded on April 30, 1912 in New York. The new universal studios is a vertically integrated company, with movie production, distribution and exhibition venues. With the passage of time universal studios went from a single entity to a huge conglomerate and now is a subsidiary of NBC. They are known now as NBCUniversal, Inc. In the early years, universal had a “clean picture” policy. However, by April 1927 they considered it to be a mistake as “unclean pictures” from other studios were generating more profit while Universal was losing money. A Universal studio operates five major locations around the world. They have distribution and corporate offices in New York, universal studios Hollywood California, universal studios Orlando Florida, universal studios Osaka japan, and universal studios Singapore. Universal studios goals as of 2013 are first and foremost offer quality entertainment to families and individuals. Investing for growth with good business and creative choices. Products and services are both offered by universal, for example you can go online and order themed based merchandise without having to visit the park. At their production studios they offer welding, painting, plumbing, HVAC, landscaping, automotive, and electrical support for any production company using their facilities. When universal was approached by Mattel toys to begin working on a production of a world wrestling federation cartoon. They declined the offer on the grounds of the violent nature of the cartoon. In their minds it would cause major complications because they believed that no “reasonable person” would engaged in such actions or behaviors, which to me would be them exhibiting good ethical behaviors. Universal studios growing expectations that their corporation measure, report and continuously improve their social, environmental, and economic performance. As well as their relationship which is positive and statistically significant, supporting the view that their socially responsible performance is associated with a series of bottom line benefits. These actions both promote social responsibility and enhance shareholder value. To provide an environment where our team members are proud to work, deliver unforgettable experiences for our guests, and generate superior financial returns. A universal studio is a multi- tiered structured company, and is considered a subsidiary of a much larger conglomerate.

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