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“Why Universal Health Care Should Be a Go in America”

Why Universal Health Care Should be A Go in America

Americans should be eligible and, offered Universal Health Care as economically less developed and more under privileged countries have access to this benefit. Why? Because, I think our government should be more concerned and is more than financially capable of being involved with the well being of this countries health and people.
I choose this topic about health care because this is a more personal topic for me. Recently, working in the health care field I have had the chance to see what less privileged families and individuals who are seeking proper health care but unable to receive it due to financial hardships have to suffer. I just believe our country of most should be able to assist our countries people and health benefits better based on American economy today. I believe some of the energy that is put into the economy and environment around us should be just as important as the lives of those who keep the entire environment thriving. Our entire economy is based on the lives and each of us getting to work and school and keeping the economy fit and going, without us there is no economy there is no country. Growing up and being able and privileged enough to live in other countries where Universal Health Care does exist and seeing how it puts much less stress on the people in the country, and the country’s economy. I don’t believe the fear of raised taxes should be the reason why the country as a whole would not work towards better health and better people and better living. Doing research and seeing that we are being in compared to many other countries that are way less developed than we continuing to receive these privileges’ intrigues me to learn more on why our “home land” does not offer the same.
I believe that the government officials and...

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