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Ward Churchill presents a narrow view of his thoughts concerning the 9/11 attacks in his article, “Some People Push Back”: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens. Not only does he present a narrow view of ideas, but also he explains and argues the unusual interpretations of the attacks that day with supporting evidence. According to Churchill’s article, The United States of America is responsible for the incident of 9/11 due to their foreign policy in the Middle East. Churchill’s tone provokes the audience to continue to read on, while emotionally and logically providing credible examples to support his reasoning. He challenges us to think in-depth while reading the article. For instance, are we mad at him personally, or mad that he pointed out the truth under the story. Churchill argues his interpretation of the events through three key strategies: credibility, emotion, and logic. Logically, his interpretations can’t be viewed in a substantial manner due to his credibility as an author. But, in fact, logically he supports his ideas about the attacks that day with evidence. Ethically, he recognizes the concepts of right and wrong; he tries to point out to the people of the United States that is in fact may be provoked by ourselves, and to halt the blaming of other third-world countries. Emotionally his tone connects with his argument, giving the article a sense of purpose. He provokes the reader by prodding them with examples in past history that are sour to the minds of the people.
Churchill actively corresponds to his audience in such a manner that he purposely publishes this article for a wide variety of readers. He knows many people will empathize differently about his opinions, though logical and somewhat credible. His target audience is that of people open to ideas, people with a broad and open-minded view on his ideas as a whole about the article. Churchill also…...