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Only Benefiting Students How much do you rely on technology for help when it comes to completing a task? People all around the world, including myself, rely on technology a lot. Whether it is with school related, work related, or just personal use. With technology advancing everyday, we can virtually do anything with cell phones or computers. By knowing that there is an alternative and much easier way of doing a task, individuals become accustomed to keep using the source(s) for the easy way out. Not only is it a much easier way, but people lose many other factors and the main purpose by not doing it first hand. Younger generations are the ones that are being affected by the technology the most. In most schools around the world, technology is now being fitted into the school's curriculum in order to lead the students into a successful path. However, it is only giving the students an easier way to find the answers without them actually learning and comprehending what the main lesson(s) or purpose is. For example, when a student is writing a research paper, all he or she has to do is go on a computer, type in a couple of words, and the research is done. Instantly a student can have information and answers without doing any actual research themselves. Technology is not only giving the answers directly to the student but it is putting them down for failure in the outside world when they face the challenge of not being able to rely back to the computer or phone. The teachers rely on technology just as much as the students do, causing not only harm to students but the entire school. Due to the technology advancing rapidly and taking over the students and educators, there needs to be a solution that will fix the problem; so why not unplug schools. Unplugging schools is minimizing or eliminating the usage of all technological devices on a school campus including cell...

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