Unprofessional Work Environment

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One of the most frustration situation I have been in with someone that was not professional is when I worked in the hospital in the rehab department we were already understaff there were 20 patient to a nurse aide, and 4 nurses on the floor, most of the time we couldn’t get a nurse to help us so there for we were on our own .When working in the nurse field or any other field you suppose to work together. My shift was 7a-7p then we would switch with the other shift. My shift 7a-7p we did everything as far as feeding breakfast, lunch and dinner pass ice turn patients change patient did everything we could do with each aide having 20 patients a piece to take care of .One particular night the night shift came in when they come in they felt everything should be done .One of the ladies got upset because there were a few things that were not done and she started talking loud and being very rude .I asked her to calm down and talk to me like an adult, that time of the night all supervisors are gone .I told her that we have to work as a team if something is not finished they were to take up the slack which at night time there was not much to do cause patients were sleeping she didn’t want to hear anything I was saying ,I picked up my things and politely left the floor because there is a certain way you act in you place of employment .The next morning I went to talk to my supervisor she told me someone had already came and talked to her about the situation ,she told me that I handled things correctly and she thanked me for doing that.…...