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Ofsted safeguarding policy and procedures

|This document outlines Ofsted’s policy on responding to concerns regarding the safeguarding and protection of children and young people |
|aged under 18 years. This policy, combined with the associated procedures, provides guidance to all staff who may come across concerns of|
|this nature within the context of their work for Ofsted. |

Age group: All
Published: September 2010
Reference no: 100183


Part 1. Safeguarding children and young people policy 4 Purpose of this document 4 The definition of safeguarding 5 Aims and objectives of the policy 6 Ofsted’s responsibilities 6 Future action 8
Part 2. Procedures for responding to specific child protection concerns about children at risk of significant harm 8 Section 1. Scope of the procedure 8 Section 2. Immediate action to take if, as a member of Ofsted staff, you observe abuse while it is taking place 10 Section 3. Immediate action to take if you receive an allegation of possible significant harm to a child or young person 11 Section 4. Identification of level of concern and next steps 13 Section 5. Subsequent action in all cases 14 Section 6. National Business Unit, CIE staff, and the Ofsted complaints team 15 Section 7. Allegations about a member of Ofsted staff 16 Section 8. Concerns arising during registration 16
Part 3. Safeguarding vulnerable adults 16 Policy and procedures 16
Annex 1. Definitions 20
Annex 2. Complaints or concerns about our staff 28
Annex 3. The legislative context 32
Annex 4. Safeguarding flowchart 43

Part 1. Safeguarding children and young people policy

1. Ofsted’s aim is to ensure, through effective inspection and regulation, that outcomes for children and young people are improved by…...

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