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Over the last nine weeks there are many different things that we learned about the creation and design of a website for a company. We learned how a target audience can effect the site traffic to how the different colors and fonts can make a big difference on how a person views the site. The site that have chosen to examine and evaluate was that of There are many different things about the site that I really liked and there was very little that I did not like after thoroughly going over the site. First of all I need to say that I tend to be on the bias side as I am an avid Apple user and have been for quite sometime. When I first visit the site I find that the colors and animations are top rate as one would come to expect from a company like Apple. The stylistic use of fonts and color is vibrant and eye catching so much where that it draws you into the site and want to see more. It is very interactive and has been very thought out on where things need to be places such as links and interactive pop ups as you browse the site. One good thing about the site is that if you are an apple owner such as a Macbook or iMac the site is more interactive with the computer itself. Finding information about new systems or even ones that you have already is very easy and is just a click away. The uniformity of the fonts and styles is very good and keeps its very easy on your eyes and does not make you strain to look at things or confuse you with too much going on. As far as looking for information on upgrades to your current mac or OS can be very simple as when you log into the site and go to the support page for these, it will analyse your system for you and tell you whether or not it needs to have anything upgraded. It will also determine if your system has the capabilities to even run the newer software. It will give you direct access to the app store and while you are in there and looking app for your computer it will tell you if your system meets the requirements to run the apps. The funtions of the site is very well thought out and is more geared to an Apple user then a PC user. From my own experience the site does not really cater to PC except for that of the use of iTunes for use with the devices outside of the computer such as iPhone, iPad, and the various iPods. After my evaluation of the site and trying to find its flaw and drawbacks, on the Apple side of it I find none and have nothing to complain about when it comes to the use of the site. However I do find that even though I am an avid Mac user I do still have a couple PC’s around my house that I let people use when the come over and need to use a computer. The use of PC’s on the site is still very basic. While the animations, colors, links, etc still stay the same the lack of the interaction with PC’s does limit its use to just like any other site. While the basic interaction, use and searching is the same as an actual Mac computer in the end it does lack the fuctions that one would have if they where using a Apple computer. I would try to change this functionality to cater to PC’s somewhat more then it does. I would increase the use of the app store and interactivity on the PC’s to try and be on the same level as that of a Apple. As far as design goes of the site, I would not change a thing in the end. Over all the site is in my opinion near perfection and would only want to change that of the functionality of it with PC’s where when using a Apple it does more then you could possibly thing of and probably even more then I was able to find out at the time. I don’t think that they need to change anything as far as design goes. There use of fonts, color, animations and links in my opinion is perfect and flawless as one would expect it to be from such a company like Apple. With all the resources and funding behind them I am pretty sure that every avenue, idea, and possibility has been examined and explored. All in all I love the site and will be on it more and more as time goes on.

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