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Adding a Photo to the SportsManager System – For Spring Soccer

Step 1:

** Please use a solid/plain background for the picture.

Option A - You can use an existing photo if you have a recent one. You just need to make sure it is a close up of the face. You can also crop an existing photo with a photo editor to get a close-up of the face.

Option B – Take a new picture and upload it to your computer: * Make sure you take a close up of the face from a front view. The phone/camera should only be a 2-3 feet from the face when you take the picture. This way you won’t have to edit or crop the photo later. * Note - If using an iPhone * don’t take in portrait orientation, you need to take in landscape mode (holding iphone sideways) * the button (bottom of iphone) should be on the right * if you are taking a selfie then the button (bottom of iphone) should be on the left when you take the selfie. * If you have a picture that needs to be rotated you can use a computer program, like MS Paint, to rotate the photo. MS Paint comes with Windows and should be on your computer if you are using Windows. * Android Users - If using an Android phone the orientation should not matter

Step 2:
Email photo from your phone to yourself, or connect phone/camera to your computer, and then save the photo to your computer. * Remember where you saved it

Step 3:
Log into SportsManager using the ‘Parent Login’ tab
Here is the URL -

Step 4:

Below is a picture of the landing page you come to after logging in – click the ‘Add Photo’ button next to the person’s name you want to upload a photo for.

Step 5:
Click the ‘Browse’ button to find the photo on your computer.

Step 6:
Find the photo you want to upload on your computer, click on it once, and then click the ‘Open’ button....

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