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1) 1. Time-definite delivery of packages 2. Packaging and Shipping a. Domestic b. International c. Luggage shipping d. Freight services e. Moving supplies 3. Printing Services via UPS Store f. Mobile Printing g. Custom Printing h. Special design printing 4. Tracking Services via i. Customers can track packages at every part of shipment i. Customers can also signup for notifications via this service 5. Storefront “The UPS Store” j. Franchise opportunities k. Perform Notaries in-store l. Office and mailing supplies m. Passport and ID photo services n. Computer services o. Fax services 6. Mailbox Services p. Offer actual street address mailbox versus PO Boxes

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Info. Collected | How | When | Where | Shared To | Package needs to be delivered | Customer prints out label from internet or UPS tracking system at work. Inputs information such as address, name, location, weight of package. Given tracking info. | Tracking label is printed, UPS notified | UPS notified via website, automatically updates tracking information | Tracking information is shared with UPS centralized package-tracking system in New Jersey | Package to be picked up | UPS notified from centralized packing location that package is ready for pickup from location | UPS notified of package after label is printed | UPS notified via WAN connection to centralized package-tracking servers | UPS drivers handheld units via cellular WiFi technologies | Package picked up | UPS driver notified via handhelds of location to pick up package. Driver scans in package with handheld | Driver scans package label on pickup, automatically updates tracking info | Package tracking information routed to centralized tracking servers | Data shared with tracking servers via WiFi, then...

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