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A World With Different Views

A world with two different gravities it pushes the boundaries of anything we have seen in the universe. In Juan Solanas romantic science fiction film Upside Down, dual gravity worlds exist next to another. The two worlds that are separated are very different, the upper world being rich and the lower being the poor. In the film Upside Down Juan Solanas uses various film techniques to describe the segregated societies as different, sync with a bond and how destructive the societies are.
In the film Upside Down the two societies, up or down are viewed upon differently. In the beginning of the film the screen goes from darkness to light when describing the science behind the gravities of the two worlds. This is the first initiation that emphasizes the difference between the two worlds. It highlights the separation of the two worlds through their gravities. In a wide-angle shot scene you can see both worlds in the shot, one of them being the light world and the other one is dark. The light world has an elite and aristocratic look to it, which suggest it is the upper class world. On the other had the dark said looks run down and has a other half look that suggest it is the poor world. The idea of the wide-angle shot with the light and dark worlds pushes this view of two different worlds that share the same atmosphere.

In the film Upside Down these two worlds, which are different any many ways, just so happen to share a bond within the film. In a wide-angle shot of the two worlds there is a corporation that links both worlds to each other. The worlds share this one thing in common and that is the corporation known as trans world. Trans world is the only means of communication with the upper world. Juan Solanas also takes to use in the film, the two shot technique at the end of the movie when Adam and Eden are both kissing. This shows how

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