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Analysis of Rhode's Views on Beauty Bias and Discrimination

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Q1. Why, according to Rhode, are looks "the last bastion of acceptable bigotry?
A1. According to Rhode, looks are not the last bastion of acceptable bigotry.

Q2. Why does the government allow organizations to engage in appearance discrimination?
A2. The government allows organizations to engage in appearance discrimination to indulge their own prejudices.

Q3. What forms of discrimination do unattractive people face?
A3. Unattractive people are less likely to be hired and promoted. They also earn lower salaries, even in fields in which looks have nothing to do with the professional duties.

Q4. Why do people object to banning discrimination based on appearance? How does Rhode address these objections.
A4. Banning discrimination based on appearance because of people who are diseased, maimed, mutilated, or deformed where exposing themselves in public. Rhode address these objections if they expose themselves in public view, under the penalty of a fine of a dollar for each offense.

Q5. According to Rhode, how effective are laws that prohibit appearance discrimination? What positive effects might they have?
A5. The laws are unevenly enforced; they have had a positive effect by publicizing and remedying the worst abuses.

Purpose and Audience

Q1. Does Rhode assume that her readers are aware of the problem she discusses? How can you tell.
A1. Yes, because she say, We all know that appearance matters but the pride of prejudice can rejected for a job.

Q2. What preconceived attitude about appearance Does Rhode assume her readers have?
A2. The attitude about appearance Rhode assume her readers have about the essay is negative because when researcher ask people to evaluate written essays the same material receive lower rating.

Q3. Where does Rhodes state her thesis? Why does she state it where she does instead of earlier in her

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