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Upward Trend Continues

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US: QE tapering and sluggish growth.
During the 1H 2014, the US economy experienced tempered growth, led by increased private sector demand, against the backdrop of a 2.9 percent contraction in Q1 GDP. However, positive manufacturing and employment data signals the prospect of economic expansion for the remainder of the year. In search for capital preservation, investors have sought, theoretically the safest investment instrument, US treasuries, which have gained 2.7 percent for HY 1.During the first half of the year, the Federal Reserve continued to taper its Quantitative Easing Program. As at June 30th 2014, the program was reduced to US$35B from its original level of US$85B in bond purchases per month and is carded to end in October 2014.

European Union- Rock Bottom interest rates, inflation still low.

For the first half of the year, under the European Union’s increased monetary policy initiatives, the main refinancing rate was cut to 0.15 percent and the deposit rate to -0.1 percent, becoming the first major central bank to use negative interest rates as a monetary policy tool. This has been done with the intent of returning depressed inflation rates to acceptable levels. The impact on global bond markets has been quite noticeable. In a hunt for yield, investors have placed their confidence in bonds as a mechanism for returns. Sovereign Bonds in the PIIGS regions have been highly sought after, causing bond prices to reach near the 5 year high. For H2, further quantitative easing in the European region is expected, depending how economic indicators reflect.

Eastern Europe: Russia vs. Ukraine…the tension continues.

Russian capital markets have been rocked with volatility for HY1, with stocks, bonds and the ruble being affected. On the back drop of Russia’s annexation of the Crimea region, sanctions continue to be imposed on the Russian Federation...

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