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Urban Outfitters Continuing Case Study: Creating a Business

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Identify at least three challenges when setting up a business. Explain why they are challenges. Three challenges a business owner would face when setting up a business are visualizing possible risks, low ambition, and inadequate revenue. Starting a business in itself, is a huge risk. A business owner has to take into account the rewards of a business, but more importantly potential setbacks. The fact that business owners create the mindset that things may not always go the way they plan, will aid them in bouncing back from any setbacks they may incur. If business owners plan on succeeding and not preparing for any hindrances, they will be far less likely to succeed and be able to bounce back from any stumbling blocks. With visualizing risks, you also have to take low ambition into play. If a business owner has any issues with the business, they may start to lack ambition, and it will affect anyone else that is involved with the business. Inadequate revenue stems from business owner basically setting goals based on what they are accustomed to. When you go into business for yourself, you have to realize that you may not make as much as you made before the transition into becoming a business owner. Economic conditions play a major part in this, so you need to make sure you have sufficient fall back money if you are unable to net the income you need in order to maintain your current lifestyle.
Define what a “niche” product is. Give at least three examples of niche products. A niche product is merchandise that is created and promoted for use in a small and distinct market (Define niche product). Three examples of niche products include the iPod, GPS systems, and innovative weight loss systems.
Explain why a niche company might have an advantage in a market? Would price necessarily be an advantage? Explain why or why not. A niche company...

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