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Us Airways Labor Issues

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US Airways flight attendants reject tentative deal US Airways is a unionized company in which the flight attendants are covered by separate units of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA. Earlier this month, flight attendants at US Airways voted down a tentative agreement that would have been their first joint contract since the merger with America West in 2005. The US Airways chapter of the Association of Flight Attendants said that 75% of flight attendants voted to reject. This all began in 2002, when US Airways filed for bankruptcy. America West bought the old US Airways out of bankruptcy protection in 2005 to form the current US Airways Group Inc. But flight attendants and pilots have both continued to operate under separate contracts. Whenever two separate companies merge, both unions and companies have to get together and negotiate new contracts and rules for the new founded company. This makes it easier, so that the entire company can be on the same page. Being on the same page is crucial because it establishes the rights, privileges, seniority, and obligations for each party, in this case US Airways and America West. The general objective in negotiating agreements is to develop a working relationship between the two airlines, which ultimately will help each party achieve common goals and objectives. The “new” US Airways is still currently split into two companies. There is US Airways “East” and US Airways “West”. The US Airways East still follows the contract under the old bankruptcy-era, oppose to US Airways West contract which was negotiated by the Air Transportation Stabilization Board (ATSB) loans. Now it being six years and no change, the flight attendants and the union who represents them are getting fed up of the slow movement of management. Prolonging negotiations only benefits upper-management. They have nearly the best pay in the airline…...

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