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Us Foods Business Analysis

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US Foods was founded in the 19th century by several entities and five generations of employees. Monarch Food is one such entity and is linked to a Dubuque, Iowa company that sold provisions for wagon trains heading west in the 1850’s. John Sexton and Company is another entity whose success began as a merchant for tea and coffee in Chicago in 1883 (

Today, US Foods is one of America’s leading food distributors, servicing every area of the industry, from small restaurants to healthcare, employing about 25,000 people working in over 60 locations nationwide. Their success is based upon their dedication to their customers, through integrity, innovation and teamwork.

With a mission to “transform the food service industry by creating a superior food proposition and delivering solutions for customers,” ( US Foods is able to carry over 350,000 products, establishing relationships with trusted brands, and employing food professionals that are committed to helping customers become more successful.

The distribution segment of the food industry began growing in the early 1970’s from specialty distributors to a “one-stop-shop” concept aimed at acquiring additional customers and targeting larger operators by offering them a convenient way of purchasing and acquiring the goods and services necessary to productively run their operations. For US Foods to rank as one of the leaders in food distribution, it needed to have innovative marketing strategies to help promote it’s products and services, as well as create strong customer relationships through their sworn mission. As in any organization, customers remain loyal when they have assurance in the company they choose to do business with.

Marketing is equated with identifying, anticipating and meeting the needs of customers in a way that is profitable...

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