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Nicole Del Campo
Operations Management
Assignment #1
February 22nd, 2013

General Motors: Trash becomes Treasure

In the study of Operations Management, we learn that it refers to activities, decisions, and responsibilities of managing the resources that are dedicated to the production and delivery of products and services. A pretty broad definition but is this really all that Operations Management consists of? Operations Management has several branches and one of those branches has to do with how a company competes with other companies in the same industry. How effective is the company and what is it’s productivity like. How does any company distinguish itself? The answer to that is by constantly improving operations and working diligently through the different facets of operations to meet the bottom-line and its mission statement.

General Motors is known for being among one of the world’s largest automakers by vehicle unit sales. They house over 10 automobile brands and they are more than just a well-known company that is effective and productive effortlessly, but most importantly for the environmental initiatives they take. I chose to write about General Motors and their efforts to aid the environment by recycling because operations management is about more than just the activities involved in creating products and services. General Motors has created sustainability in their industry by recycling others waste such as scrap metal and by creating alternative-technology vehicles requiring less gasoline which cause severe damage to the environment.

In Forbes Magazine, it says that manufacturing is a “dirty business” and that billions of hazardous material is generated annually. General Motors has improved their operations by utilizing the waste as a resource for building vehicles and as added value to the waste. This gives General Motors a...

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